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November Peaches and Petals — November 13, 2015

November Peaches and Petals

I love subscription boxes.  Mostly because I love mail and I love to try new stuff.  However, my addiction became quite expensive.  I decided since I am more of a “sporty” type of girl, I should try out a “Lifestyle Box” instead of the “Beauty Boxes” .  I cancelled my subscriptions to Ipsy, Burchbox, Glossy Box (my favorite) and some other one I can’t remember now.

I decided to give Peaches and Petals a try.  They’re a newer box and they’re only $15!  What can I lose right?

When I would get my sample boxes in, I would get on Facebook making some video of what I got.  Some of my friends have been bugging me to post another video so I did one for Peaches and Petals.  I know I have quite a bit of sarcasm and smart remarks in it but I really like the box I promise.  I just try not to take life so seriously.

October peaches and Petals  — November 4, 2015

October peaches and Petals 

This is a new Lifestyle Subscription box that just started a few months ago. I liked the fact that it had make up but wasn’t totally focused on it.  Plus, it was only $15!  Woo hoo!

Here is what it looked like when I first opened the box.
  This is what was inside:

Sally Jenson Nail Polish – Not impressed with the color.  I have noticed the cheaper boxes tend to have “off” colors or colors more intended for the younger crowd.

A magnetic Postcard: I thought this was weird….  if someone sends a postcard they’re supposed to send it while traveling from the place they’re visiting.   Now that I am typing this, maybe it isn’t a postcard. I don’t know.  I suppose it is meant to go on my fridge but I really don’t even get the point of the quote on it so I threw it away.

The Elizabeth Arden Bag – I may use it for the beach or something, not sure.  I have never been a fan of the free make up bags from make up counters. I am assuming Estee Lauder had lots of free bags left over.  However, for someone who loves bags then this is great.

The wrinkle cream – I have never heard of this brand but anything for my wrinkles makes me happy

The eyeshadow – loved it !  I like that the color is neutral and it is a name brand product.

I think the box was pretty good.  I will keep it.  I like the fact that they bill you mid month but send out the new box on the first of that month.  This way, I am not checking the mail every single day until the 29th.

Yes, I need a life 🙂

Fall fab fit fun box 2015  — October 26, 2015

Fall fab fit fun box 2015 

I like the make up subscription boxes but I am loving the lifestyle boxes a lot more. You get some beauty but some other cool stuff too! This is my first fab fit box! I am definitely keeping this subscription!

It came with the cutest umbrella. Personally,  I never use umbrellas but yellow is my favorite color and if I ever do use one I want it to be cute.

The black box is some facial masks. I have never heard of this brand but the retail value is $65! I am gonna be beautiful after I use that ! Who would pay that much for some at home masks for real? I mean, I could go get a facial for that (I think). Not sure about how much one costs really.

The strength tubing comes with a DVD. I am one of those who always say I will work out at home but never do. I will definitely try it though.  It says the value is $35.
The green box is some  wrinkle cream valued at like $50. I don’t remember the exact amount though.

There is a cute purse charm that is really cute!  My problem is I have a red and white striped canvas purse which would look hideous with this charm.  What does that mean?  That I need a new fall purse so I can sport my cute purple tassel thing. I really like the meaning behind it though and it supports a good cause. It supports The Purple Purse which I have never heard of but anything to help stop Domestic Violence has my support.

The Bracelet is by Tribe alive. I really like the cause behind the jewelry. They give jobs to Artisan women. The bracelet itself is something I would wear if I could put bracelets on myself. I don’t know if it is that I have huge wrists, that I am ADHD and it takes too much concentration or what but I rarely even wear my James Avery Charms bracelets which is my prized possession.

The Manna Lip Stain is absolutely amazing!!! I love the color ! It doesn’t stay on as long as I wished but nothing stays on my face so that is nothing new. It is just really natural which is what I like.

My favorite is the portable charger. I have been wanting one of these. It’s value was 24.99. I have never heard of this brand but I haven’t heard of any other brand I came across while shopping for one either so I am fine with it.

It came with a $75 gift card to a canvas printing too which will be awesome for a Christmas gift. I will look like I spent all kinds of money and didn’t 🙂

According to the Pamphlet, it ends up being about $365 value. I love it for $50 every three months. I hate I won’t get as much mail but I will use everything in this box for sure!

If you want a more detailed description of each product or a coupon, you can go to http://www.mysubscriptionaddiction.com/2015/04/fabfitfun-spring-2015-review.html . This woman is who got me addicted to so many dang subscription boxes.

  Me with the lipgloss on this am!

Glossy Box -September  — October 2, 2015

Glossy Box -September 

I am up to about four subscription boxes now.  Of course, I just love getting packages in the mail.  The hubs got a new job though so until we figure out how it is going to go and we know its’ a go, I had to cancel my Glossybox 😦  It is my favorite one but since I rarely even wear makeup, I thought it would be the one I have to let go.  To me, Glossybox is more geared towards people my age which is probably why it is my favorite. I think that is selfish of me though since the whole point of signing of for the beauty boxes is so the girls and I can share it all.  If it was all about me, I would subscribe to a baking box or a wine box.

Okay, here is the description….

The coffee is a rub.  It says you are supposed to moisten your skin and rub it in circles in areas where you have cellulite then let it sit for ten minutes.  My concern is how am I supposed to sit and wait ten minutes being perfectly still when my cellulite is on my Ass???  I mean, I guess I could lay on my stomach on a towel and let it sit?  I probably won’t use it. I can’t sit still for ten minutes naked.  That’s just weird to me!

The Julep Lips gloss is really pretty.  I always have lip gloss on.  Well, maybe not on all the time but I do put it on everyday.  Of course they all wear off really fast .  Its’ about the only girlie thing I do everyday.

The Biossance is a wrinkle gel.  I have used it a couple of times and of course you won’t tell a difference to know if it will make obvious changes but every month there is some sort of wrinkle cream. I figure if I use what I get everyday from all my boxes,  I will get rid of all my wrinkles soon!  It did honestly feel good on my face though I do have to admit that.  It comes with a little eyedropper.  Its more of a gel than a lotion so its’ pretty runny.

I am sure I will enjoy the blush and nail polish. Well, between me and my daughters, someone will.  I have never heard of any of these brands.  Well, I have heard of Julep because they have a box and I have received their nail polish before in another subscription box.

Birch Box? Glambox? Sample Society? Ipsy? I have never heard of these til now! — June 9, 2015

Birch Box? Glambox? Sample Society? Ipsy? I have never heard of these til now!

A few weeks ago, I went to Austin to visit a friend/ get my hair done. It was the first time I have ever dyed my hair or done anything like that. Therefore, I only trusted my true high school friend who I have known since we were three years old. I knew she would be honest with me since she told me point blank, “What you have going on now is not working for you. You look stuck”. Yes, thanks friend. But, it made me happy because I loved her honesty. I knew it and had asked opinions before but like all girls say, “Oh girl. you look great”. Yea, whatever.

Me? If someone asks my opinion and they’re good friends I will not be so harsh but I will say something like, “You looked better the other way” or something along those lines. But there is a reason Lisa and I have been friends for so long. We both walk around with our foot in our mouths half the time. Well, I do. She just doesn’t care.

After staying all the day at her salon, me and Jordan went back to her house to get my car and hang out before the 3.5 hour trip home. Her (hot) husband had gotten the mail and she was going through it. She opened a box from Birchbox. I asked her what it was and she said it was a beauty box she gets every month for ten dollars. She said most of the time it is samples but sometimes they give you some cool stuff. Her box had two wrinkle creams, a Lipstick, and a candle. She looked at the lipstick and made a disgusting face and asked Jordan if she wanted it. Jordan didn’t like it either so I took it. It was bright pink and horrific looking but I put it on to be silly and it ended up being a very nice gloss. It was called Chosungah 22. I had never heard of it but I told them it was mine now since they turned their nose up to it so quick.

A few days later, I found the gloss in my purse at work so I decided to search it. It was worth $18.00. So, I decided to search this Subscription box thing. Wow!! Have I been under a rock forever??? I had no clue there were so many out there. Of course then my head is spinning because I have to decide which one to pick. There are several bloggers out there offering reviews for all the boxes. My favorite has been My Subscription Addiction .  Hers seem to be the most recent reviews. She receives a box, takes pictures and reviews the entire box on her blog every month. I like this so I can go back and see which one was best over the past six months since it appears some months aren’t that good. She also has coupon codes for most of them so you can get a discount on your first month.  I am really wanting to try PopSugar but it is $40 a month (I think).  That is a little pricey.  They seem to put something that is “household” and I am not into knick knacks so that would just annoy me.

Finally, I rounded out my choices to
Ipsy – $10 a month for make up and beauty
Glossybox – 25.00 per month for make up and beauty but all full size stuff. They say it is about $100 worth of stuff a month so we will see
Birchbox  – $10 a month
Elizabeth and Clarke – $25 to $60 per quarter for shirts

There are so many more I want to try but I just can’t justify them. I really want to try the boxes geared to working out but in the reviews, they mostly seemed to be things like energy shots, etc. That doesn’t impress me. I would be more interested in trying out jogging bands, socks, hair stuff, etc.

Of course the “foodie” in me wants to try the food boxes as well as the craft beer and wine boxes as well.  Yea, I need to get a better job.  Being a desk jockey isn’t paying for my internet shopping habits.  I love coming home from work to a “present” though.  No matter what happened that day, it makes me think part 2 will be better.

I finally got my first box last week! I was so excited. It was the Birchbox . Here is a picture of it and my goodies inside:

birchbox stuff


first birchbox

Well, not as good as Lisa’s but oh well.

It is all sample sizes but for someone like me who barely uses any make-up it is good. And, it is the good stuff that God knows I wouldn’t pay full price for. Last year, my husband got me the Urban Decay eye shadow and it is still barely used. When it is something that expensive, I don’t want to use it and mess it up. LOL! Also, I figure the total of all my beauty boxes are $45.00 per month. Between Jordan and I, I spend about that much on $4 lip glosses since I lose mine constantly, plus shampoo, hairspray, etc. So, maybe I won’t have to buy anymore in the store and we just live off my subscription boxes from now on.

Anything to Justify getting something in the mail is my philosophy !

I do have to admit, I wasn’t very impressed with my box but I have been using the eye shadow this week. I normally stick with beige and dark beige but I figured the whole point of this is to try and step out of my comfort zone and be somewhat of a girl periodically. Well, the eye shadow is great! Even I can put it on without looking stupid so that is HUGE in my opinion. That is why I never wear color… it always ends up blotchy. This goes on very smooth. I hope I get some more of this in my other boxes.

Saturday, I received my first Elizabeth and Clarke box. I was very skeptical but ended up loving all my shirts. I am a Ross and TJ Maxx kind of girl. It is hard to find quality clothes at those places that are solid colored. You can also pre-approve the items you receive before they’re mailed to you. For $20 a shirt, it isn’t bad for the quality you receive at all. I never spend that much on clothes but I figure once every three months for three decent shirts isn’t that bad. I am a 5K free t-shirt wearing kind of girl so cute casual clothes is hard for me to come by. I also get to dress pretty casual at work so these shirts will work out esome for that.

I am not into spending hours getting ready or looking like a total different person with make up on but that is why I like these.  They aren’t filled with make-up and have other products to try.  I am really working on trying to fix my hair at least once on the weekend so I am hoping if I get a new box once a week, that will encourage me to play dress up and my husband will stop complaining about me not “caring for myself”.

Whole other subject…………… 

By the way, I just got an email my first Glossy Box is on its’ way!!! Yay!!!