Oh wow!!!  I didn’t know if I was going to be into this book since it is a second in a series.  However, it is great!  I am definitely going to move forward and read anymore books that Greg Olsen writes.

Nicole is a cop with a gambling addiction that has been hovering over her head.  She hasn’t gambled since she got custody of her niece, Emma.  Emma is her world and she will do anything for her.

Stacy is Emma’s mother who left and did not want Emma.  Thinking that Emma will never return because of a secret she holds over Stacy, she tells Emma, her mother is dead.  Surprisingly, Emma returns with a Vengeance and wants to see Emma and be a part of her life.  Can Nicole trust Stacy now?  Has she really changed?

During all the family drama, there is also a murder case that Nicole is trying to solve.  A child no less………….. left to die in the car.  Was it an accident or was it the father who was sexting numerous people while married to Mia.  Did he really forget his daughter in the car?

Nicole has a secret herself and could go to prison if she outs Stacy for her secret.  Maybe killing Stacy would make it easier?  I mean, she is a cop and she knows how an investigation will go.

I loved this book! I thought I had it figured out but I didn’t.  It begins with a horrific car crash as a prologue and the crash continues at the very end.  It grabbed me from the beginning.  Thank you Netgalley for this ARC of The Weight of Silence.  I thoroughly enjoyed it. Here is a link to the book on Amazon.