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Oktoberfest pretzel bites  — November 4, 2015

Oktoberfest pretzel bites 

Well, of course I am an idiot and didn’t Pin the recipe I used to make these pretzel bites. I am kicking myself in the A$$ right now!!!  Why?  Because this was my first time making these and they turned out great.  Of course, if I know myself, I didn’t even go to Pinterest when searching for the recipe. I am sure I googled German Pretzels and chose Alton Brown’s Recipe since he is my “go to” when trying new things.  Yes, I know these are full fledged pretzels but I was making these for a Oktoberfest party so I wanted to do the bites.

I will admit, I can’t stand his show and it annoys me but I love everyone of his recipes!

My dough after the rise
Here is my water boiling with the baking soda in it

  And then again with all the soda in it.  Pretty cool huh?  I feel like I am in Science all over again.
  Personally, I made up my own method that was not in the recipe … I do remember that part 🙂

I boiled them in the water then put them on a paper towel to get the access water off.  Then I dipped each one while it was DAMP in some kosher salt I had poured onto a plate and then put onto the waxed cookie sheet.  This way, there wasn’t so much water dripping and I could make sure the salt stayed on each pretzel.

Watch out though… some got a little too salty.

  Just a little tidbit of info I learned from other blogger – to make your waxed paper stick to the cookie sheet, spray it down with nonstick spray then put your waxed paper on it.  I loved this hint!!!!  Before, I would have some kitchen object sitting on each corner holding it down.
  This was my first batch before I came up with my genius salt idea!   So yes, some were a little too salty but we all learn from mistakes right?

The host of the party made a mustard dip and a German Beer Cheese sauce for dipping.  I just thumped off half the salt before eating them.

Now to go research and stress over which recipe I chose to make these so I can make them again! I hate it when I do that!!!!