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Pumpkin Pie Moonshine   — December 7, 2015

Pumpkin Pie Moonshine  

Last year I was on Pinterest and saw a recipe for Pumpkin Pie Moonshine. Well, everyone loves Pumpkin everything so I had to try it.

And what better excuse to make a big batch and Boo the neighborhood?!?! However, this year I decided to change things up and actually Booze the hood instead.  What do you know??? It actually took off !  By the end of the season, over half the neighborhood had participated in my little experiment.  Funny how I had Booed three years in a row and it never spread but put some alcohol on someone’s porch and everyone plays along!

Here is the recipe I use.  Everyone enjoyed it so much last year, I have made it several times since and have given it as gifts as well.  The only thing I do different is I cook everything to dissolve the sugar before adding the alcohol.  Also, I usually double the recipe so I add an extra cup of everclear in case I have a spill or something.  And of course you will see below that happens sometimes. 🙂

And yes I know this isn’t “real moonshine” but it tastes a lot better and you may (depending on how much you have) remember what you did the next day.  I personally like to refer to it as No carb pumpkin pie.

Here are all the spices ready to be mixed in

I love my magnalite pot !  It is the best thing my mother ever gave me!  Like I said, I double my recipe and this is a roaster full without the alcohol added yet.  Crap!  How am I going to fix this issue?

Guest of Honor

Ah Hah!!!!  I will transfer it all to my cooler then add the booze!  I am so brilliant!!!

Maybe Brilliant is a strong word???

Note to self:  check the spout thingy next time before you start adding things to a cooler.  Thankfully I put the extra cup of Everclear in. 

Its’ almost like the cooler was made to make moonshine don’t you think?



My finished product!  I also boil the jars after to seal the lids so it will last longer.  Plus, when I give them as gifts, it looks more professional after I “pretty them up” with material or ribbons or whatever I have around the house.



Low fat Tomato Soup — November 13, 2015

Low fat Tomato Soup

I love this cookbook! It’s full of the foods you grew up on (and a few new ones too) but half the calories.  Plus, check out the difference in Fat Grams!!!!!  Now I don’t feel guilty about having three bowls.  Hey, I had oral surgery the day I made this. You can’t judge.  The doc said I needed to go back and forth between hot and cold to reduce swelling.

Ice Cream and Tomato Soup it is!

I was scared to try this because the one I usually use has Whipping Cream in it. I have tried ones without it and it’s never the same. I am not saying this is 100% of the super creamy one ( I would post it but I can’t find it anymore) but my thighs are more than spooning these days.

I do have a confession to make ………..  I have no clue what Brandy is.  Yes, I try and portray myself as some sort of a foodie but obviously I still have things to learn.  I am starting to think it is an alcoholic beverage and only available at specs since I couldn’t find it at any grocery store.  Guess I will have to make a trip to Spec’s soon.  Gosh Darnit!

I did add a pinch of Cayenne (or maybe three) because I like it to have a little bite.  But, that’s just me.  I like things a bit spicy!