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Cravings Review  — March 9, 2016

Cravings Review 

Chrissy Teigen is becoming my new girl crush.  She is funny, loves to eat, and loves to drink. I mean, what else would you want!

I have never watched her show.  I don’t have cable 😦  I first saw her on Lip Sync battle when people share the videos on FB or I search for them on You tube when I am bored.  When I heard she was with John Legend, I was thinking he was a singer from back in the day but now I don’t know.  I have no clue who he is honestly. I have heard him sing though and I do like this songs. I guess you can say I am not a “fan” though.  I would go to a concert of course but wouldn’t pay for them from my own wallet.

I was really excited when I saw her cookbook coming out.  However, I was scared that all her book would have is the same recipes available on  her website.  I feel like if I buy a cookbook I should have something the rest of the world doesn’t.  I was more intrigued when I noticed she hadn’t added any recipes in quite sometime so maybe she was understanding where I was coming from (cause we are friends like that).

Well, I got the best of both worlds!  I received the book from blogging for books in exchange for my review!!!  Win Win!!!  Honestly, I love it!  I would’ve paid for it.  Her humor shows through the entire book.  She is so down to earth (besides all her matching pajamas she wears ) in all her pictures.  It’s not healthy food at all.  There are quite a few salad recipes that honestly look good to me.  I am not a salad adventurer. I like lettuce, veggies, maybe a meat along with dressing.  No nuts, fruits, or anything else.

Normally, I wouldn’t be able to try a recipe mid week since I do meal prep most of the time. But this weekend, I was a bad girl and went day drinking with my friends. Therefore, I am having to come home and cook every night.

So… while I was waiting on my pork tenderloin to cook, I decided to go ahead and try Chrissy’s Caesar Salad recipe since I had nothing better to do anyway.  Plus, I had some romaine lettuce that needed to be used.  I normally use The Pioneer Woman’s Recipe but I decided to step out of my box.  I didn’t have Anchovy Paste though so I subbed three anchovies just as I would use in The Pioneer Woman’s recipe.   It was very good!!!!  I didn’t use the Sarriachi though because my daughter doesn’t like it.  I did leave the lettuce like “boats” though and I admit I like this better.  With the lettuce like this I didn’t have to dirty another dish for the salad (since my food can’t touch each other).  The hubs just ate it like a taco.  It was kind of fun.

When you’re old, you look for anything in your life to be exciting. 

Here is her recipe for the dressing:

1 Cup mayo

4 Cloves of garlic

1 1/2 cups grated parmesan / reggiano cheese ( I only had parmesan)

2 Tbsp Lemon juice

1 Tbsp Sriracha Sauce or more to taste ( or none in my case)

1 1/2 tsp Anchovy paste ( I used three anchovies from a can)

1 1/2 tsp Dijon mustard

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

1/4 tsp kosher salt * see note

1/4 tsp black pepper

I just threw everything in the blender and turned it on.  I also made homemade croutons as well since the tenderloin was taking so much longer than expected.

*At the beginning of her cookbook, she explains that the salt she uses is Diamond Chrystal Salt .  She says if using any other brand to use half the salt she says to use.  You can always add more.

I love how she is “real” and puts herself out there.  The food isn’t fancy but it’s not junk either.  She has quite a bit of Thai recipes also which I am excited about.  I also think since my daughter is a fan, she will be more intrigued to get in the kitchen and try a few things out herself.

Gumbo – John Besh Style — February 1, 2016

Gumbo – John Besh Style

gumbo 1


I am from Southeast Texas.  It is about 30 minutes from Louisiana.  Therefore, I consider myself on fleek when it comes to  Cajun food (notice I didn’t say eyebrows), especially gumbo.


I grew up with every mom knowing how to make gumbo. They were all basically the same.
You boil a chicken
Make your roux
put in your onions, parsley, etc and cook for awhile
Add the chicken and sausage later then simmer some more

Don’t get me wrong… this is probably still my favorite way. It is delicious and it just reminds me of home.

However, I have recently been on a cookbook kick. I swear I have ordered like 25 just this year. That may actually be down scaling it quite a bit honestly. I heard of John Besh, a Louisiana Chef, so I wanted to try his cookbook. I ordered his Louisiana Restaurant one but surprisingly it did not have gumbo in it. Really? That is just weird. Thankfully, his home cookbook did. It had an entire different technique as well.

Yesterday, when I was making my meals for the week, I started boiling a chicken and decided I was going to try John Besh’s recipe. Well, after I already started boiling the chicken I realized that his technique was totally different. He browns the chicken and sausage in the roux before even adding any chicken stock!!!! Weird!!!! Has anyone else ever heard of this technique? Thankfully, I had taken out some chicken thighs as well so I threw those in the roux and browned them. I was scared the entire time the roux was going to burn since I hadn’t added any liquid yet. All went well though.

After browning the chicken thighs I added the sausage and browned that as well then added the chicken broth from the chicken I was boiling along with some store bought broth. Yes I know that isn’t the proper way to do things but like I said before, I had intended on boiling the chicken for my gumbo.

Surprisingly, this was the easiest way I have ever made it before. It didn’t make as much as usual but I didn’t have as much chicken as usual and I didn’t want it t be all broth. So, it was just extra thick. I am on the fence as to which way I like it….. it basically tastes the same but a different texture because of the thickness. I made a batch of rice and packed them all up for our lunches this week. Here is his recipe.

Now I actually do not have the recipe in front of me so I am going to type it as close as I remember.   It is more about the steps than the measurements so here I go:


Heat one cup of oil in a nice dutch oven.  I personally like Magnalite.

Let it get hot but not too hot

Add one cup of flour and stir consistently not letting it burn

It will thicken up and turn dark brown. you want it on the verge of burning

Add one onion and let it caramelize

Add one bellpepper and brown it also

Add your chicken pieces.  I used thighs and brown, cooking until it is done.

Add your sausage and do the same

Add your salt, pepper, cayenne, and some file to your taste. Let it all simmer

Add chicken broth to the thickness you want.  It will thicken up a little since you still have to simmer but not too much. you can always add more is my theory.

Let it simmer for about 45 or more minutes.

Adjust spices again

This method is easier than what I was raised doing.  I also like the option that I can use only thighs!!!  I have never been a boob fan.

The picture enclosed is a picture of just the roux, chicken and sausage before adding the liquid.  I would guesstimate I probably added about 6 cups of chicken broth.  It was not quite half way full but not at a quarter either.  I really did enjoy it.  I felt guilty for not staying with the tradition but everything needs to evolve a little right?

I just won’t ever tell the family.  In the meantime this method is easier for sure!







Low fat Tomato Soup — November 13, 2015

Low fat Tomato Soup

I love this cookbook! It’s full of the foods you grew up on (and a few new ones too) but half the calories.  Plus, check out the difference in Fat Grams!!!!!  Now I don’t feel guilty about having three bowls.  Hey, I had oral surgery the day I made this. You can’t judge.  The doc said I needed to go back and forth between hot and cold to reduce swelling.

Ice Cream and Tomato Soup it is!

I was scared to try this because the one I usually use has Whipping Cream in it. I have tried ones without it and it’s never the same. I am not saying this is 100% of the super creamy one ( I would post it but I can’t find it anymore) but my thighs are more than spooning these days.

I do have a confession to make ………..  I have no clue what Brandy is.  Yes, I try and portray myself as some sort of a foodie but obviously I still have things to learn.  I am starting to think it is an alcoholic beverage and only available at specs since I couldn’t find it at any grocery store.  Guess I will have to make a trip to Spec’s soon.  Gosh Darnit!

I did add a pinch of Cayenne (or maybe three) because I like it to have a little bite.  But, that’s just me.  I like things a bit spicy!

Caribbean Oxtails with Cauliflower/ Mashed Potatoes — October 20, 2015

Caribbean Oxtails with Cauliflower/ Mashed Potatoes

I love Oxtails. They taste just like roast but yet make me feel “fancy” inside. Maybe because I never tasted Oxtails much less even heard of them when I was younger.

About a year or so ago (maybe longer who knows) I had seen someone cooking these on a cooking show. They mentioned they were “extras” in the meat market, therefore, they were cheap. I googled a recipe and ran to the store. Well, they weren’t “cheap” as the TV show referred. Heck, I was at the “cheap” aka Nasty grocery store in Pearland and they were $8.00 per package of four. Since I usually double every recipe I make,  I was thinking this would be quite expensive. I decided since I had never tried these before I would buy three packages.

Anyway, came home and the Hubs and I enjoyed them tremendously. They were easy and surprisingly easy. I decided then since they were pricey and of course never on sale, when I saw them, (they’re actually hard to find here in Texas) that I would buy one package and freeze them. That way, when I decided to make them again, I would have plenty on hand and it wouldn’t hit my $150 a week budget for groceries so hard.

The In – Laws were coming a few months ago. She is very prideful of her cooking which makes me feel like the lowest piece of crap on the earth. Don’t get me wrong……. she is an awesome cook!!! Everywhere we go, even restaurants, she always says how much better hers tastes. My favorite thing is every time she makes a meal, she says, “Now there is no way we would’ve had a meal this good at a restaurant”. LOL! It is a little joke between the hubs and I actually…… Again, her cooking is good and sometimes she is right. We’ll just leave it at that.

Since they were coming, I was so stressed. I didn’t buy groceries three weeks prior to them coming so I could afford “fancy” food for them. I mean, they don’t eat ground beef, ground anything. Its’ all steaks and seafood. I was crying (yes crying) to the Hubs saying how stressed I was since they were going to be there for five days and she wouldn’t like what I cooked. He came up with a good idea……… He said for me to cook all my different recipes that his mom never cooks. That way, she can’t say hers is better. What a brilliant idea!!!!

Okay, I am way off track………. basically, I made Braised Oxtails when they came along with Creamed Parsnips. I had used the same recipe I did previously but I was so nervous I was obviously trying too hard and did get them a little too salty. We added some water to drowned it out but it still made you pucker. The thing about the whole situation is his mom never complained or mentioned the saltage issue. It was the elephant in the room. On one hand, I wish someone had but on another hand, I wasn’t going to allow anyone to opt out of eating them since I probably spent about $80 on that dish alone.

We would eat it and like it damnit!

This weekend, I decided to try a Caribbean version. I am usually not an Emeril fan but I figured his may be the best. Plus, I was needing a Pressure Cooker Version and he is the first one I saw.

I had three packets of meat which was exactly three pounds. If you have never ate these suckers before, there isn’t much meat just fyi. They are sssooo good though!!! I love them!!! Emeril did good to me this time. I will definitely make it again. Here is his recipe but I will also type it below.

No, I still haven’t perfected this entire insert link from excel bit yet. Since I always get on here while at work, I have to download the pictures from my phone and type from my work computer. Who wants to go home and do all that once they get home?

Oxtails are one of those things you can’t think about what they are or where they have been.  If you are not open to trying new things, perhaps a couple of glasses of wine need to be consumed while cooking.  By the time it is ready, you will not

care what part of the cow you are eating 🙂

Because of this, I rinsed all the oxtails then dried with paper towels.  I saw somewhere this helps with browning.


Brown small batches at a time.  This is in my pressure cooker.  I love this thing !!!

All the meat is done!  Just waiting on the veggies to sauté’ now!

This is way more veggies than the recipe calls for I know.  I just cut up all the veggies in advance since I was cooking several meals at one time.

Here goes the Veggies

I didn’t have fresh ginger so I used ground ginger

I didn’t realize til later but I was supposed to put the tomato paste before the spices .  But, since I didn’t have any tomato paste I just browned the spices and flour like I was making a roux

With the entire Bluebell Scandal this year, you can never have enough quality control in my opinion !

Yea, It is okay I guess

The recipe said to let simmer for five minutes

Since I didn’t have tomato paste, I mixed a small can of tomato sauce in with 1 1/2 cups of beef broth


For some reason, I can never get the number sixty on my pressure cooker.

It is nearly impossible!  I think it goes from 55 to 65 I swear! I also did slow release, not really on purpose but because I had four meals going on at the same time.

Oops! This was supposed to be before the timer pic .  This computer is so freaking slow though it takes 45 seconds to type one sentence!  I am fixing to slit my wrist I swear!

There was quite a bit of grease so after letting it cool, I got a glass and skimmed the top.

Ingredients : Emiral’s recipe ( with my changes )

2 tablespoons olive oil
3 pounds oxtails (This was 3 small packages)
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper (I never measure salt and Pepper but I am sure I was heavier on the pepper)
1 cup small diced onion
1/2 cup small diced carrot ( I wish I had left them bigger. I like color in my food)
1/2 cup small diced celery
1/4 cup small diced leeks
1 tablespoon minced garlic
1 tablespoon minced green onion, white part only
2 teaspoons minced ginger
2 tablespoons tomato paste ( I used a small can of tomato sauce)

 2 1/2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1 (12-ounce) bottle beer (recommended: Guinness)
1 1/2 cups veal stock or low-sodium canned beef broth
1/2 teaspoon ground allspice
1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley leaves (These were for our lunches so I just put them over mashed potatoes / mashed cauliflower and topped with the parsley in the Tupperware container)

Add the olive oil to the One Pot (or any pressure cooker, or a Dutch oven) and heat over medium heat until hot. Season the oxtails with the salt and pepper. Add half of the oxtails to the One Pot and cook until well browned on both sides, about 3 to 4 minutes per side. Set the seared oxtails on a platter once browned and repeat with the remaining oxtails.

Once all the oxtails are browned, add the onions, carrots and celery to the pan. Saute the vegetables until softened, about 3 to 4 minutes. Add the leeks, garlic, green onions and ginger to the pan and saute for 1 minute, stirring often. Add the tomato paste and stir well to incorporate. Sprinkle the flour over the vegetables and stir to combine. Cook, stirring, for 3 minutes. Add the beer to the One Pot and increase the heat to medium-high. Bring the beer to a boil and cook for 5 minutes.

Add the stock and allspice, stir, and return the oxtails to the pan. Return the pan to a boil and place the lid over the pan. Once a steady stream of steam is emitted from the pan, lower the heat to a simmer, and cook the oxtails until tender, about 1 hour in a pressure cooker or 2 hours in a Dutch oven. Remove the lid, and stir the chopped parsley into the pan. Serve immediately.

Mashed Potatoes / Cauliflower Recipe

5 Small Russett Potatoes Rinsed and Peeled
Boil like a normal person does. I am sure if you’re reading this blow, you know how to make mashed potatoes.

Drain into mixing bowl when done

Cut the core out and roast all the florets. I put them in the oven for about 30 min. until lightly browned on some edges.

While they were both warm, I put half a stick of butter in with it all along with some salt and pepper and garlic powder.

By this time, I am tired. I have been cooking for six hours straight and The Hubs is pissing me off. He just walked through the kitchen. How dare him!!!! I have yelled at Lady for being under my feet and she is scared to come into the kitchen now. Jordan has left for work two hours early.

I mixed them all with the mixer and put it all in the lunch containers then topped with my Oxtails and parsley. Wah Lah!

I have made this with creamed parsnips before and I think I prefer it like that. I have also seen it made with polenta but with this having the Caribbean flavors, I don’t think they would go well with Polenta / aka Grits.

Chocolate Tofu Popsicles  — October 2, 2015

Chocolate Tofu Popsicles 







I absolutely love chocolate!  I have repeatedly said numerous times I would love to own a dessert truck and only run it at night.  Say you’re sitting watching TV and just start craving brownies.  You’re in your pajamas and of course you aren’t going to get up and make any.  Then kitchen is already clean for the night!  Just think…  you start craving chocolate, then you think about cookies, and you just wish they would pop up at your door!

I don’t keep sweets around for that reason!  I would eat five brownies if they were around.  I do keep ice cream around though. I feel like if I am going to snack, ice cream is probably healthier than cookies, cake, or brownies right?  And you don’t have to mess up your whole kitchen.

I have been buying cookbooks left and right of every diet there is.  I am not following one diet but I figure if I eat from all the healthy diets that somehow it will benefit me.  I mean, anything is better than eating fattening foods everyday.  I ordered http://www.amazon.com/Thug-Kitchen-Official-Cookbook-Like/dp/1623363586/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1443822386&sr=8-1&keywords=The+thug+kitchen and immediately had to try these popsicles.

The curiosity killed me. I went and got all the stuff then realized I didn’t have popsicle sticks.

Okay, yes I know everywhere else in the world it is considered Fall. But jeez people…. I live in Houston TX. It is still 95 Deg. here. I think the popsicle molds should stay out year around here, just sayen!

Anyway, after four stores I finally found some at Kroger.

Then I got to reading the recipe and saw the note at the bottom about the Tofu. He said it can’t be the refrigerated Tofu with the water in it. Great!!!! Another hurdle. The next day I went to find the Silken Tofu. He said it would be in the Asian section of the grocery store but it wasn’t. I found it in the healthy/organic/expensive section of Kroger. Yay!!! I bought three boxes just in case they were good. 🙂


The next night, me and the hubs each had one. He never indulges in my chocolate with me but he said he would try it. The next night, he had two. They were really good. I don’t know the calorie content of them but I am thinking Tofu is protein right?? So…. can’t I just eat popsicles for supper and they’ll fill me up?

Here is the recipe: I won’t use all his wording I promise. He does get pretty crude sometimes but any man who learns to cook Vegan for his girlfriend and help in the kitchen is fine by me!

Chocolate Fudge Pops

1 cup vanilla almond or your favorite nondairy milk
1 1/4 Cup Semisweet chocolate chips
12 ounces firm silken tofu (remember, not the watery kind)
12 popsicle sticks (I only had six and did ice trays for the remainder)

Or as he says, you can use “12 small ass paper cups”.

Microwave or heat up the milk to be warm but not hot

melt your chocolate chips. I made my poor man’s double broiler over the stove. Of course you can microwave them also stirring in 15 second intervals.

Put it all in the blender and then pour into your molds.

Put in the freezer for about 40 minutes THEN put your sticks in.

Freeze them entirely.

I can’t wait to make more. In fact, I ordered star popsicle molds so I can pretend the ice cream truck just came by and my mom gave me money for a fudge bomb. I am sure I can find a Vanilla tofu popsicle recipe somewhere! Making popsicles may be my new obsession I swear!


Three Bachelors left = Tres Leches — July 14, 2015

Three Bachelors left = Tres Leches

Every Monday, my daughter and her friends hang out at the house and watch The Bachelorette. I have never watched any sort of these shows nor do I like them. But, when your child is 19 and the only night she is at home you take what you can get. So, every week, I make something for us all to pig out on while watching Kaitlyn slobber over all the guys.

First off, I do not like to advertise for this show but it isn’t like my four visitors in history of this blog is going to make a difference!!! Here is my opinion about the show.

1. Do they have a microphone in her nose or inside her mouth? I mean, she either kisses really loud or they turn her microphone up to 100 or something.

2. Do these guys have vaginas? They whine as much as women.

3. How did Shawn not know her and Nick did it like what…………… on the second episode or something? Wow!

4. Shawn is just different … I don’t know what and God knows I am not in the place to judge on appearances but he is just odd.

5. What happened with the guys and the bromance?

Now that I have that off my chest, I feel a little better.

I didn’t want to come home and cook a five course meal as usual last night. Jordan is going to Virginia for two weeks so I didn’t want to spend all night in the kitchen yelling, “Who is she kissing now?” while everyone else got to enjoy the show. So, I ordered pizza. And let me just say this……………… I had one piece only because ever since I started making my own pizza crust, the Chain kind is just nasty!!!! I swear I can taste the preservatives!!!! But, the girls enjoyed it so thats’ what matters…………….. that, and the fact that I didn’t have to stand in the kitchen and cook while everyone else got to hang out.

While waiting on the girls to get there, I remembered the croissants on the kitchen counter. I had bought them last week and nobody ate them. Ugh!!! I decided to look up bread pudding recipes and attempt that. I had never made one and I had about 30 minutes of boredom.

Of course on Pinterest, there are hundreds but I saw the word Tres Leches and was intrigued. I mean, hello…………. I love that cake!!! I also thought about Greg at this moment because I remember his mom making him a bread pudding years ago saying it was one of his favorites. Now, that I know her and their relationship, I don’t know if he just said that to her or if she just said that in general because most things are all about her. I promise, that isn’t meant in a bad way…….. I have never seen her make something because someone else likes it. Just Sayen!!!

I do know that Tres Leches is one of Greg’s favorite desserts and he has been in the funk lately so I figured I would be nice. Plus, Tres means three and there are three bachelors left on the show. I also happened to have everything (or so I thought) and I won’t have to throw away the croissants. Winning!!!

Here is a link to the recipe:

Tres Leches Bread Pudding

After tearing up the croissants, I realized I did not have any whole milk so I had to substitute Half and Half. I don’t know the difference between the two really anyways so what the heck.

I also used Bourbon instead of rum just because I like bourbon.

I also put some in the liquid portion at the end.

All in all, I think it was pretty good……… I have only tasted Bread Pudding once but I think it had the correct texture from what I remember. As far as tasting like Tres Leches…………. I am not too sure. Personally, I think it needed more bourbon or possibly some Kahlua.

I do have to say, it was very easy though and for some reason, I was always under the impression that Bread pudding was difficult. I am sure my MIL made it out to be when she made it but really don’t remember. Of course, nobody else ate any of it which was really annoying!!! I am sure the girls didn’t even know what Bread pudding was. They left to get ice cream as soon as Kaitlyn’s make out sessions were over. And of course, Greg didn’t get a piece.

Ugh!!! See if I am nice and thoughtful again.

Six Pizzas, One Recipe — July 8, 2015

Six Pizzas, One Recipe

I don’t know if it is that I am older now or what, but Pizza Hut just isn’t what it use to be.

I am thinking it is because I quit eating fast food (unless I am drunk or hung over).  When I made this decision, I did not consider Pizza to be in the fast food category.  I am guessing because I have never gone through a drive thru to get a pizza????  Who knows with me???  In my mind, it isn’t fast food.  My taste buds will tell you otherwise.

Another turning point that probably had something to do with my new tasting dislikes was eating a pizza at Grazia .  Their pizza is so awesome!!!  Ever since then, if I order a pizza from any chain, I am just more pissed off and craving pizza even more.

Because of this, I have been experimenting with making my own pizza dough at home.  Until this weekend, I have been using Bobby Flay’s Recipe .  I do like it and may still use it again but it calls for Bread Flour and I don’t always have that round.  To me, it has more of a bread taste to it actually.  I do want to try it with normal flour though and see if I like it then.

This past weekend, I decided we were going to have “Make your own Pizza night and  a movie”.  The girls were both going to be at home.  When they are, I try and make sure we have a good time since those evenings so rare these days.  Plus, Chelsea is moving off in August and even though she isn’t mine, I hate it when she isn’t there.  She’s always up for trying something new and / or doing something stupid.  She has no shame in her game!!!

pizza night 2

Of course, my plan of a fun night doesn’t go as planned…….

I got home from work and started my dough.  I used Paula Deen’s Pizza Dough Recipe .  It still took a couple of hours as Bobby’s does but it called for regular flour and that is all I had.

I did do a few things different but I like to make sure my pizza is flavored.  Here is what I did….

1. When the dough made a ball I put it straight into the bowl and just poured some olive oil on the ball then turned it upside down and rubbed the bowl with the ball.
2. While the dough was rising I made a mixture of Olive oil, Wildtree Spaghetti Blend and garlic powder. I made it just like as if you were at Carabbas. I got me a pasting brush and brushed it over the pizza dough before putting it in the oven. After cooking it, I applied some more before the toppings, paying special attention to the crust. This made the crust so yummy!!!!! I may just make pizza sticks one day it was so good.

I rolled out all the pizzas pretty thin. I had had a left over Rib-Eye steak in the fridge from the night before so the idea of a Philly Cheesesteak pizza came to mind.  while at the store, I had picked up a large can of tomato sauce, some pepperoni from the deli, and the Italian blend cheese. I had everything else that I needed.

While the dough was rising, I cut up all my veggies, made the Alfredo sauce, and put about two tablespoons of the Wildtree Spaghetti Blend in a bowl with the tomato sauce so it could merry.

Chelsea gets off work at 8:00 so the timing was perfect.

After the second rising,  I rolled out two larger pizzas and cooked them. Then I made two smaller pizzas for the girls to make their own. I was all excited thinking the girls would enjoy being silly and making their own but of course Jordan didn’t care. She told Chelsea to make hers *eye roll*. Finally, Jordan joined in on the fun after I told Chelsea to put extra onions on Jordan’s pizza 🙂

On one of the big ones, I did the Philly Cheese Steak pizza. No recipe necessary really; I just used the Alfredo Sauce that I had googled to make that. It was very easy. I had cooked the rib eye extremely rare and had sliced it very thin as well. I also had some sliced mushrooms, and thinly sliced bell pepper and onions, that I had sautéed in olive oil. I wanted to make sure they would be cooked thoroughly since they wouldn’t be in the oven too long. Then I topped it w/ some of the Italian Blend Cheese.

pizza night 3

For the other “Adult” pizza, I put a few spoons of the tomato sauce, the same sautéed veggies from above, some fresh

jalapenos, sliced black olives,and a few slices of fresh mozzarella cheese.

Of course the girls didn’t step out of their box. They just put the sauce, then the pepperonis and the Blended cheese mix. They may not admit it but I still think they had fun! They didn’t post it on Instagram or anything but they did snapchat it.

Its’ my story and I am sticking to it!!

I even had left over pizza dough after all these!!!!  It is some work rolling it out and I hate cleaning the counters after but in the end I think it is worth it. I had most of the stuff at home but if I had to go buy everything it would have been about $20 for all four pizzas which is great. And of course, you couldn’t have the experience and the family time making them.

Speaking of leftover dough…  check out our breakfast the next morning!!!

breakfast pizza 1 breakfast pizza

I fried up some bacon but didn’t cook it all the way along with about three patties of pork sausage, crumbled. Then I made some country gravy from the grease in the pan. When the pizzas were cooked, I covered them w/ the gravy.

On one pizza, I put boudain and raw eggs on and put on the top rack in the oven. I was going for over easy eggs but I ended up with soft yolk eggs. It was still good though. On the other breakfast pizza, I put the gravy, the pan sausage, some boudain, and some scrambled eggs then topped with some cheddar cheese for the kids. I do have to admit theirs was better. I think cause I was getting low on dough so it was super thin. It almost tasted like Migas.

Of course they didn’t eat any because they were going to the beach so they wouldn’t eat so they would still have their “morning body” on the beach. LOL!!! Crazy Kids! So, I cut all the left overs up and put in a large plastic container and we have been eating them for breakfast in the mornings.

So there ya have it………….. Six smaller pizzas out of one batch ! I think that is pretty dang Good! I wonder if you can freeze it………………… something tells me no. 🙂

Here are the links below. I still don’t know how to make a recipe printable in a blog. Plus, if it is someone else’s I don’t know if that is stealing and all that legal stuff.

Paula Deen’s Pizza Dough

Bobby Flay’s Pizza dough

My new “Toy” — May 27, 2015

My new “Toy”

At this point I have no clue why I am blogging. It is as if I am writing to myself or something and humoring myself as well. Is that how all blogs start? Why do people start blogs anyway? It is like I am talking to all these people but yet there is nobody there. And how the heck do people make money from blogs? And what does buying a blog mean? I am so confused. I do admit, my “blog” came in handy this weekend though…. I was at Kroger and I decided to make Banana Pudding. I got on pinterest  and I had pinned at least ten Vanilla pudding recipes. Well Dangitt!! I really liked that one I had made last time. So, I just googled “Banana Pudding Oh Oh Oh something shiny” and there my recipe came up!

I am famous!!! OMG!!! You can actually google me and I come up!!!

Okay, to the point of this blog … I guess I am talking to myself because I saw I had no views on my “Mom’s under pressure” blog but I need a place to keep the recipes I have made on it for my own use. I cook all my meals on Sunday most of the time but something just aren’t good re-heated. Plus, I love to try new gadgets. Well nw to me………..

My first recipe I tried was Porcupine Balls. I had never heard of these but I had all the ingredients AND the meat was thawed out. I did use Turkey meat instead just because I have 25 extra pounds to fit in my jeans so I am trying to be healthy. Oh, and it is cheaper than Beef of course. I did however, add my Wildtree Spaghetti Seasoning and a little cayenne to it to make it my own of course. It was a hit! Even with Jordan and she is pretty picky. And, they really did look like porcupines I swear. They were really cute!

My second recipe was Chicken and Rice Soup . I used a box and a half of Chicken Broth though. I am a hoarder of food so my freezers are full of meat. I don’t have space for homemade broths. HHHMMMMM, maybe I should buy another freezer….

Note to self: Check Craigslist next for a used freezer

This came out awesome as well! I am very impressed with it. Now, it won’t replace me cooking at all. I know that. I enjoy the smell, the cooking huge pots, etc. But, this will totally be good for quick meals with meat that has been in the fridge for three days and needs to be cooked or if I didn’t cook and want something simple and healthy in the pm.

That Wednesday, I met a friend for Happy hour. I came home and Greg had even made something. Yes!! He never cooks (unless his parents are coming over and I go on strike in the kitchen while they’re there). Now grant it, the sausage was already precooked but he had put some rice in under the sausage. Just a faster rice cooker I am thinking but I of course did not knock it. The juices got in the rice also while cooking so it was very flavorful as well.

I left it on the counter for a week or so…….. I was fixing to write 2 weeks but I don’t think that it has even been that long since Mother’s Day. I know it is under the counter now in my “Toy” cabinet with all my other gadgets now though. My plan was to leave it out and maybe Pops would experiment some more and actually enjoy it from time to time. But no… didn’t happen.

Oh Wait!!! I did make something else with it though………. I kept seeing on Pinterest how you could make ribs in an hour or so. That Thursday, I stopped by HEB from work and picked up some Pork Ribs. I came home and found Baby Back Ribs . They were really good. I was very surprised. Of course, we had had several glasses of wine while they were cooking but I promise, the next day they were still good (despite being hung over and having that nasty taste in your mouth). I didn’t use that brand of spice or that brand of BBQ sauce but I am sure it will taste the same. I will totally make it again that is for sure!

Over all, I am still happy with buying a pressure cooker. Yes, an outfit or some new shoes would be more fun but if you’re like me and can’t sit down then you’re always looking to try new things. I am also hoping for my daughter or Greg to get “inspired” when they see it.

I do have pictures but I only write in my blog / write to myself while at work.  And yes, I have the pictures on my phone but would mean I would have to transfer from my phone which makes it appear I am not working and that is just cccrrrraaazzzzzzyyyyyyy!