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Christmas and OCD  — January 21, 2016

Christmas and OCD 

Just a little OCD

It’s Christmas Eve and I finally sat down to wrap everyone’s gifts. I do this every year . Of course I always have to run to the store and buy one or two cheap gifts for one of the girls because even though Avery is 18 years old she has to have the same amount of gifts as Jordan. She still doesn’t care I spend the same amount. I keep hoping one day she will get past this. Until then , I try to make sure she has more gifts. Even if it’s gum , she has to have more.
But that has nothing to do with my topic….

Today I spent three hours wrapping all the gifts. I wrapped everything ! Even gum in their stockings? Why? Because I have a budget of $200 plus dollars for each child. When they’re as old as my kids that is approximately two to three gifts. Mostly of that ugly Karen Scott jewelry too so Christmas isn’t fun as it use to be. Since there isn’t much, I try and focus on presentation. I am no professional of course but I try to make the presentation pretty.

Today I finished everything and stepped back to admire my tree. I was pleased with the color coordination .
Jordan comes home with her gift for Avery . I am sure you can guess which one. Now every time I walk in the living room I see one present. It yells at me !!!!! I am laying in bed fighting the opportunity to go wrap the gift in my coordinating paper. I feel as though I did three hours of work for nothing 🙂