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Love the one you’re with — November 17, 2015

Love the one you’re with

love the one

I just finished reading Love the one you’re with by Emily Griffin . This is one of several books by her I have read or listened to via Audio and really enjoy them.  I tend to enjoy the “easy reads”.  When I do have a chance to read or listen to books, I am either trying to occupy my time at night between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. trying to distract my mind or I am listening to it while at work through my Audible app.

I really enjoyed this one. I found myself listening to it through my headphones while jogging instead of music because I liked it so much.

It’s the typical “what if” love story in my opinion.  Not all couples talk about it but I do believe every person, man or woman, has that “what if” past relationship especially with Facebook around now.  I have read many articles or heard several stories that people have “hooked back up” with an ex boyfriend or girlfriend from their high school years.  Lets’ face it… it starts out innocent and you start messaging each other and eventually a funny story comes up from the past or you start going down memory lane.  Suddenly you remember how easy things were and sparks start flying, etc.

Well yea… you’re married now and have bills, raising children, living with someone, etc.  Back then, your biggest concern was if your crush spoke to you in the hall way or what you were going to wear the next day; all of which are very serious concerns at that age of course.  🙂 For the moment, it takes you back to a time when things were easier.  I don’t think people realize it though and that’s why many have left their current relationships for “the greener side” .  I don’t know of any of these relationships that have lasted personally.  Maybe there are some. I don’t know.

In the book, Ellen (the main character) had every woman’s dream life: the awesome, attentive husband, the SIL who is her best friend (wouldn’t that be awesome??? Mine hates me and has never even had a conversation with me) , the in-laws who have money and do not judge her family for being “normal”, she doesn’t have to work, has the dream house, etc.  However, still, she runs into the “one that got away” and wonders…..  of course she realizes that although she still has feelings for this man and her crotch may throb just thinking of him, that her husband is the one she belongs with.  Thankfully, her husband ended up being understanding and he in the end, came after her to prove he still loved her.

I have to admit, I cried when he came looking for her knowing she may be with her ex.  I think when a man or woman starts searching there is reason.  I am not saying it is right but I am saying that a relationship needs “courting” even through the hustle and bustle.  Just because you’re married, the surprises do not need to stop nor does showing appreciation, surprising her, dancing, etc.

For the most part, when I get depressed and sappy wishing the hubs would pay attention to me or I feel pushed to the side as so many women do, I find comfort in blaming Walt Disney.  Well, sometimes Nicholas Sparks as well.  Oh, and the lady who wrote 50 Shades of Grey as well.  I have had to realize the hubs is never going to show up to pick me up to take me to dinner in his helicopter.  It’s been very hard to come to terms with this fact but I am trying.  I would be happy if he told me and my girls  to go shopping for something nice, get our nails done and be ready for us all to ride in the 2008 Highlander and surprise us with a fancy downtown dinner and take us to see “The Nutcracker” or any other cheezy play that men don’t like followed by a trip to the Chocolate bar after.  🙂  Okay, I am now depressed again!

Damn you Walt!



November Peaches and Petals — November 13, 2015

November Peaches and Petals

I love subscription boxes.  Mostly because I love mail and I love to try new stuff.  However, my addiction became quite expensive.  I decided since I am more of a “sporty” type of girl, I should try out a “Lifestyle Box” instead of the “Beauty Boxes” .  I cancelled my subscriptions to Ipsy, Burchbox, Glossy Box (my favorite) and some other one I can’t remember now.

I decided to give Peaches and Petals a try.  They’re a newer box and they’re only $15!  What can I lose right?

When I would get my sample boxes in, I would get on Facebook making some video of what I got.  Some of my friends have been bugging me to post another video so I did one for Peaches and Petals.  I know I have quite a bit of sarcasm and smart remarks in it but I really like the box I promise.  I just try not to take life so seriously.

Low fat Tomato Soup —

Low fat Tomato Soup

I love this cookbook! It’s full of the foods you grew up on (and a few new ones too) but half the calories.  Plus, check out the difference in Fat Grams!!!!!  Now I don’t feel guilty about having three bowls.  Hey, I had oral surgery the day I made this. You can’t judge.  The doc said I needed to go back and forth between hot and cold to reduce swelling.

Ice Cream and Tomato Soup it is!

I was scared to try this because the one I usually use has Whipping Cream in it. I have tried ones without it and it’s never the same. I am not saying this is 100% of the super creamy one ( I would post it but I can’t find it anymore) but my thighs are more than spooning these days.

I do have a confession to make ………..  I have no clue what Brandy is.  Yes, I try and portray myself as some sort of a foodie but obviously I still have things to learn.  I am starting to think it is an alcoholic beverage and only available at specs since I couldn’t find it at any grocery store.  Guess I will have to make a trip to Spec’s soon.  Gosh Darnit!

I did add a pinch of Cayenne (or maybe three) because I like it to have a little bite.  But, that’s just me.  I like things a bit spicy!

Houston Zoo! —

Houston Zoo!

I am a huge fan of the zoo! Unfortunately, my girls have been past the “zoo stage” aka they’re too cool for the zoo. Every first weekend of the month, I try and get Jordan to go to the zoo with me but she is always “too busy”. The Hubs never wants to go either. He says its’ for kids. Whatever!!! Everyone loves the zoo!!! We use to take the girls quite often when they were young. Since they’ve gotten older, he always has an excuse not to go.

Have I mentioned The Hubs is sort of a homebody?

Anyway, this past weekend, was the first weekend of November, and it was the weekend before my birthday so I figured maybe I could get away with negotiating the zoo somehow. Saturday, I was laid up all day because I had oral surgery Friday. I basically lived on Vicodin and Zquil all day. While sitting on the couch, he asks what I wanted to do for my Birthday. I told him I wasn’t into really celebrating (going out and drinking) this year. All I wanted was to go to the zoo.

“Why are you so much into this zoo thing?”
“Because they got Gorillas again! And a baby Giraffe. Come on, this weekend is free. We can go tomorrow”.

Yay!!!! He knows I am big into Birthday and the past couple of years I haven’t been so I felt I should take advantage of the situation.

Sunday rolls around and I had forgotten about the zoo honestly. I got up and made breakfast, straightened up the kitchen, etc. I was fixing to get up to do my “meal prep” for the week and remembered…. “Hey, it is zoo day”. I saw his face go blank. Hahahaha!!!! “I didn’t forget!”.

I ran and got dressed and we headed out. The weather is perfect this time of year. Well, when it is in the low 70s, that is “cool” so the animals are out. If it is too hot, they’re all in their houses and you can’t even find them.

Everyone had the same idea!!! It was packed. Somehow, we got a spot on the front row though! I told The Hubs it was meant to be, that God brought us to the zoo. He didn’t buy it but oh well.

For being number 50 in line, it went pretty fast. I thought us taking advantage of the free weekend thing through Bank of America would be a pain in the butt but it wasn’t. All you have to do is show your Bank of America card and your Driver’s license. That’s it!!!

Of course Greg had to get a map. He likes maps for some reason. Is that a man thing? Me, I just walk to what I want to see and it usually either ends me up in circles or I end up seeing everything. I have my favorites …

Sea Lions

Well, we went in one of the buildings first. Then we headed out on the hunt. Everything seems bigger now that I am older. Usually, it is opposite but maybe it is all the trees have grown. For being so crowded, it wasn’t too bad. I admit, sometimes I wanted to cut in front of the kids so I could see better.

I don’t think he will admit it, but I think he enjoyed it. Next time, I don’t think it will take me ten years to get him there. And, with it being free (he just knew there was a catch) that helps things out. I remember the zoo was about $6.00 to get in. It is $16.75 now! Talk about inflation! Of course, I understand the animals need to be taken care of and they have improved some of their homes.

For instance, the Gorilla thing ( I can’t remember that word for home… ugh) is awesome!!! They have built the viewing part in several levels sort of like a tree house. It is pretty neat!! There are several benches to just sit and relax.


Now that I know the right word, I feel so much smarter! I did feel sorry for the leopard though. His habitat was so small. I mean, it was the same size as a few of the bird’s habitats. Oh well, I am sure it is all a work in progress.

After a few hours, we started getting hungry. For a bag of popcorn, it was $10.00. Um, no! I am not paying that. So, we headed out to get something to eat. When we got to the car, (remember we are in the front row) there were two cars waiting on us. We seriously considered sitting in the car for a couple of minutes then getting out and heading back in. Gosh, it was hard not to do!!!

The Flamingos was always Avery’s favorite when she was little… miss those days!

The leopard in his tiny home 😦

I wonder if they can see through the glass.  Poor guy!!!  There were like 75 people standing there taking pictures, kids screaming, etc.  Check out his feet !!!!

These creatures amaze me!  The line was too long to feed them so I opted out.   

I love Lions!!!  I would seriously have one as a pet if I could.

That’s a female !  I am sorry!!!  That would hurt sitting on those branches wouldn’t you think?

That’s a gorilla just sitting out chilling

I know the pictures suck!!!!  All those dang kids were in the way!

Ugly 1985 Mirror Redo — November 5, 2015

Ugly 1985 Mirror Redo

I have two pieces of information regarding the furniture in my house:

1.Every Piece is a hand me down from either a family member’s garage, my grandma, or my aunt

2.I do not have any furniture debt

I have to remind myself of number 2 every time someone comes over and I am embarrassed of our furniture.

On my pinterest board , I have lots of wonderful ideas and am going to re-design every item for under $20 one weekend at a time!

This mirror was my first victim.  I have never liked it but need a full length mirror.  The one I want is over $200 and quite frankly with me gaining weight, I try not to look at myself much.  I am certainly not going to pay $200 to see myself better!

I am grinning at myself for taking the time to “prep”.

I sanded down the entire mirror for maybe five minutes.  Yea, I guess sanded is being used loosely but I didn’t want to waste much time on this since I had no clue what I was doing.  It wasn’t like I would miss it if I ruined it and was forced to throw it out.

Then I sprayed it down with white spray primer from Walmart. I even splurged and got the $3.99 cans.  It took two cans.

Then I spray painted it an off white (but not beige really) color

I let it dry overnight then took my piece of sand paper to it the next day.  I realized I should’ve sanded more because the paint was scratching  off very easy.  Oh well. Again, this is an experiment

I mixed some Espresso colored furniture stain from Sherwin Williams half and half with water.  That was way too watery.  so I added more stain until it would at least stick a little.  I took old, damp wash rags and dipped in my mixture then spread it on the wood everywhere. I would work on section at a time, applying then wiping off with another damp rag.

OMG!!!  That big brown part would not grab the stain! It never did!!!  I still can’t figure out why!
I thought it turned out really well for $12.  I already had the stain from something else so I only had to get the four cans of spray paint.  I am really not into the distressed craze nor do I understand it .  But for people like me who do not want to take the time to sand or have no clue what they’re doing it is kind of cool.  I think a couple of pieces in a house is plenty though.  Of course, you can tell by the reverse image in the mirror and by my rotted chest of drawers in this pic, I by no means am an interior designer ……. as of yet.

I am sure as soon as I hit Publish on this project, Joanna will be giving me a call begging me to give her advice and be her new assistant.

Texans Bouquet – DIY —

Texans Bouquet – DIY

I remember vividly my mom and her friends laughing when I was young planning their funerals.  Of course, I was at that tween stage where I was supposed (or thought I was) to always act as though my parents existence was an embarrassment much less them having fun and being silly.  I am glad I remember this stage because now that my daughter is (and has been for five years now) going through this stage, I can remind myself she really is listening and more than likely laughing in her mind (cause I am hilarious and of course my friends are too) and will remember this conversation as she gets older.  Heck, she is probably tweeting about it taking the credit as if she thought of these humorous ideas all on her own… because of course, I do not exist

steal magnolias

Anyway, now that I totally went off the subject I just had another memory of their conversation.  It was at my mom’s friend, Rosemary’s house.  She had owned her own beauty shop at one time but for some reason we all started just going to her house instead.  Maybe being in her house doesn’t give you the image I have in my mind but in my head I am picturing Steal Magnolias……..  several women all hanging out at the beauty shop aka Rosemary’s kitchen table.

  steel magnolia  steel magnolias

The subject of funerals had came up and they were talking about how they wanted to wear whatever outfit or how they wanted the funeral people to tape all their wrinkles back or duct tape their boobs so they would still have a cleavage, etc.

natural beauty

Mrs. Rosemary was cutting my mom’s hair and my mom holds her hands up and says, “Well, I want Rosemary to do my hair and nails and I want my flowers to always look nice on my grave; none of those faded ones for me.  Collette, are you paying attention to me?  You are my daughter and it is your job to make sure I get new flowers once a month”.


I remember slightly nodding my head so she wouldn’t repeat herself again or discipline me for my attitude in front of her friends.  Funny, how I didn’t even acknowledge her comment or laugh at her “joke” like everyone else did but that sentence has burned me ever since.

My grandfather died when I was about 19. I lived with my grandma for several years after.  Every month during the first week, I would drive her to the dollar store to pick up “fresh” flowers for Grandpa’s grave.  It was during that time that I realized what my mom had been referring to when she said she didn’t want her flowers to be faded.  Apparently, it bugged my grandma also because when we would replace Grandpa’s flowers every month, we would look around to either put the old ones in an empty vase so they would have flowers or we would replace some faded ones with Grandpa’s older ones.  It was then I realized I was scared to death to be buried because I didn’t want to have that headstone that had an empty vase or completely faded flowers to which people would feel sorry for me like I did these people.

steel mags

Writing this reminds me I haven’t been to my Grandma’s grave in several years.  I should really head there to make sure she has pretty flowers.  That’s just the thing…………..  I know the people with empty vases have people who do care for them.  I loved my grandparents more than anyone else but I just figure their kids are taking care of their grave.  That’s the rules right?

Because of all these things I have noticed, I have decided I am going to be cremated.  My kids and hubs knows this.  The girls will keep my vase on their mantle and exchange houses every Mother’s day for a couple of years.  After that, the girls and the hubs are to go to Greece and spread my ashes because that is my dream vacation.  Now if before I die, I get to make that vacation, they are to travel to Colette and dump my ashes there because I think that is cute.  If only I knew who to call to get them to change the spelling ……..

To the point…  if you’ve made it this far thanks for listening to my babble.  I just like to explain my reasoning for my weirdness.

This past August my step father finally got my mom’s headstone.  I was so happy!!!  When making the decision on which kind to get the only thing I asked was it had a vase.  He said there was no need for a vase because he didn’t plan on going to visit her.

steel magnoliasssssss

I told him about mom’s story above (I told you there was a reason for my babble).  He said she never mentioned anything about what she wanted.  I asked him if he would please get one I would greatly appreciate it.  He was concerned for two reasons………..

  1. It would then be more expensive
  2. He wasn’t going to waste money on flowers

Yes, I was annoyed by both of his reasons but I told him if money was an issue, (it wasn’t) then I would pay the difference the vase cost. He said I didn’t have to but that I had to be the one to make sure she had flowers. He said “I took care of her when she was alive. Its’ your turn when she’s dead”.

No, that did not hurt my feelings nor bother me at all …. do I lie well?

Anyways, he called me one Thursday in August to ask how much it costs at the washeteria to wash things like comforters. We discussed that and his reasoning (you don’t want to know why he needed that believe me. I can never take that visual away from my brain) along with the normal how are you convo. As we were fixing to hang up, he remembered to tell me mom’s headstone came in and was installed that A.M.

What??? This wasn’t why you called me??!!! What the hell??? Your dirty comforter is more important? Ugh!!!

No, I did not voice my anger at all! I just said, “Awesome. So since it was installed this AM, did you already put flowers in it?”. His response? “No, I told you I am not messing with flowers”.

steel magnoliadddd

So glad we weren’t on FaceTime so he couldn’t see my reaction. I smiled (since if you’re smiling while you’re talking it reflects in your tone) and said, “Okay. I will get some flowers on as soon as I can. Thanks”.

Then we hung up. I am sure we said Bye but I know you don’t care.

Immediately, I asked my boss if I could take off work early. It was 3:30 PM. I live in Pearland and the headstone is in Winnie. I couldn’t let my mom go another night without flowers. It was already a year and a half she didn’t have them.

Now for what kind of flowers to get………..

I never really knew of mom to ever love flowers. She never picked any up, never planted them in the yard, etc. My dad had told me once before she loved Yellow Roses. He had even bought a yellow rose bouquet for her funeral and gave to me. Since this was her first bouquet, I broke the rules and got two sets of yellow roses and hauled ass to Winnie. Thankfully, I had ran into this little ol’ black lady in Hobby Lobby and asked her if I had enough and explained it was my first time. She suggested picking up some wire cutters since I didn’t know the size but other than that, I was okay. Thank God for her advice.

From that point on, I had been thinking of mom’s next bouquet.

Do I do the fall thing like everyone else?
Do I just always keep yellow ones on there?

I decided I wanted hers to be different. I would do seasons or holidays but incorporate a “story” in each one. Or, at least make it where people would pass and say, “Oh, she must’ve loved _______”

For September, I decided on Football. She loved football. It was really annoying to me quite frankly. When she would come over and stay she would make us turn the TV on whatever game was playing… well, if the Texans or Cowboys were playing she would. I would be gritting my teeth because she would be all into the game and she had came to visit me. Another reason I chose football is because the last gift she gave me was a JJ Watt jersey.

Now that I am a “pro” when walking in Hobby Lobby, I went to the headstone section of the flowers vs. the 3.99 per stem flowers. I couldn’t find just solid Navy and White so I settled on the red, white and blue bouquets. I immediately realized I was going to have to bling this thing up dramatically so people wouldn’t think it was a July 4th bouquet and this person’s family hasn’t replaced the flowers yet.

Yes I worry about stupid crap like this constantly. This is why I love wine.

Directions – Yes, I know… finally!

I went to the wood section and decided to go with a “mum” theme sort of. I got some flat pieces of wood, 4 x 4 squares of wood and sticks and just kind of went from there walking around and trying to remember what I had at home to work with so I wouldn’t buy crap I already had.

I have app. 5500000 glue sticks since I never remember if I have any left from my last “crafting” session or better known as Pinterest Fail!

Now I am bad about not measuring or drawing straight lines so you will have to excuse me.  Here is what I did:

Spray painted all my wood (hee hee) and let dry outside

Went digging in my 5 craft junk drawers to see what I had to work with

Cut squares of different scrap papers coinciding with Texans colors or football

Just to show how cheap I am I snapped this pic to show you instead of using a different brush for the Modge Podge, I just got the dried part off this one and had a brand new brush 🙂

For the 99, I found some yellow spray paint and used the stencil to spray the numbers 99 – this is the most prep work I did I think. Of course, I didn’t “prep” completely cause the paint got all on the kitchen counters too. I am bad about getting so focused nothing else matters. The hubs cannot be around because of this reason when I have a mission.

I hot glued the bling to cover the yellow paint

I had bought a package of shiny red vinyl letters at Hobby lobby so I used those to decorate the other squares and sticks.

Then I decorated the corners or whatever with the mum trinkets I had found and some left over burlap I had found in a craft junk drawer.

Then I hot glued the sticks onto my pieces of square wood. and let dry.

This time I was really smart and realized I needed one of those Styrofoam pieces to hold the flowers still. Gosh, I feel like such a pro for real now!

I got an old vase I had so I could arrange my flowers at home so I could make any changes necessary since it was two hours away.

I did end up having to cut off about four inches of my sticks because they were sticking out too much and I was scared the wind would blow them out.

I also took a piece of burlap just in case too much stem was showing or if I needed to cover any other mistake. I didn’t know the depth of the vase so I left it as is vs. cutting it and then it not fitting the real vase.

Once I got there, I sprayed the crap out of the entire arrangement with silver spray glitter I had left over from making the girl’s mums. I totally loved it and I know mom is proud of her blingy arrangement vs. the plain flowers everyone else has.


My Umbrella Rant — November 4, 2015

My Umbrella Rant

I received an umbrella in my Fab Fit Fun box this month.  Although I love it and I played with it for about ten minutes I don’t understand the need for EVERYONE to have them.  The hubs and I have had conversations about this and although my new,  cute little umbrella probably needs to be moved to my car (I do realize they serve a purpose at times) I do think I have the right to voice my opinion.  Maybe one person will agree with me.

Reasons umbrellas are ultimately annoying to me:

  1. By the time you open your car door and open the dang thing then reach over to get your purse and keys, etc. you have already let half a gallon of water in your car.  Just open the door and run inside.
  2. People who use umbrellas always stand in the middle of the freaking covered area immediately and undo their umbrella.  Are they considerate that other customers are all using that same area to enter and leave the store???!!!  No!  Cause they’re too dang busy trying to figure out how to close the dang thing, taking up five feet of the designated area that is mean for EVERYONE.  It is not your world!! Other people live here too!
  3. These same people do the same as above while exiting the covered area, once again taking up five feet of shared space
  4. When they reach their vehicle which their umbrella and sit back inside their car with their umbrella still open (God forbid if they get wet at all) they take forever to close it (once again)
  5. Also, getting in or out of the vehicle, you have your door wide open to make room for your umbrella.  Did you make sure you left enough parking space to have your door wide open and not ding the car next to you?  Or is someone waiting for you to get your $hit together waiting to get in their car standing in the rain?

I am sorry.  I shouldn’t sound so rude. It is your world. Thanks for letting me go to your store from time to time.  Btw…  your hair looks great!

Reasons umbrellas come in handy:  Not that I have ever used one in any of these circumstances but when I have been in these predicaments I have thought, “Wow, I should really get an umbrella”.

  1. You are taking your grandma or grandpa to the store.  You walk to their side, hold it over them while they get out and walk by them inside.  Once you get to the covered area, you move over to the side so others can walk past you!
  2. You will be walking awhile in the rain like at Renaissance Festival (which why would you go if you even think it may rain. I mean, how can you hold your umbrella and drink your beer at the same time), several stores at a strip center, etc.
  3. You see an elderly or handicapped person walking without an umbrella
  4. If you have matching rain boots and umbrella by all means sport that like no business.

For moms with young children…  they like to get wet.  They enjoy it.  Let them stomp in every puddle they pass while walking without an umbrella.  Heck, jump in the puddle with them (as long as there is not an older person walking by)

Oh!  And one last point and then I will step off my box………

If you are in a strip center or outdoor mall, please move to the side while you are opening or closing your umbrella.  Not everyone is as well organized as you are.  No need to make us stand in the rain longer and rub it in our face.

Oktoberfest pretzel bites  —

Oktoberfest pretzel bites 

Well, of course I am an idiot and didn’t Pin the recipe I used to make these pretzel bites. I am kicking myself in the A$$ right now!!!  Why?  Because this was my first time making these and they turned out great.  Of course, if I know myself, I didn’t even go to Pinterest when searching for the recipe. I am sure I googled German Pretzels and chose Alton Brown’s Recipe since he is my “go to” when trying new things.  Yes, I know these are full fledged pretzels but I was making these for a Oktoberfest party so I wanted to do the bites.

I will admit, I can’t stand his show and it annoys me but I love everyone of his recipes!

My dough after the rise
Here is my water boiling with the baking soda in it

  And then again with all the soda in it.  Pretty cool huh?  I feel like I am in Science all over again.
  Personally, I made up my own method that was not in the recipe … I do remember that part 🙂

I boiled them in the water then put them on a paper towel to get the access water off.  Then I dipped each one while it was DAMP in some kosher salt I had poured onto a plate and then put onto the waxed cookie sheet.  This way, there wasn’t so much water dripping and I could make sure the salt stayed on each pretzel.

Watch out though… some got a little too salty.

  Just a little tidbit of info I learned from other blogger – to make your waxed paper stick to the cookie sheet, spray it down with nonstick spray then put your waxed paper on it.  I loved this hint!!!!  Before, I would have some kitchen object sitting on each corner holding it down.
  This was my first batch before I came up with my genius salt idea!   So yes, some were a little too salty but we all learn from mistakes right?

The host of the party made a mustard dip and a German Beer Cheese sauce for dipping.  I just thumped off half the salt before eating them.

Now to go research and stress over which recipe I chose to make these so I can make them again! I hate it when I do that!!!!

October peaches and Petals  —

October peaches and Petals 

This is a new Lifestyle Subscription box that just started a few months ago. I liked the fact that it had make up but wasn’t totally focused on it.  Plus, it was only $15!  Woo hoo!

Here is what it looked like when I first opened the box.
  This is what was inside:

Sally Jenson Nail Polish – Not impressed with the color.  I have noticed the cheaper boxes tend to have “off” colors or colors more intended for the younger crowd.

A magnetic Postcard: I thought this was weird….  if someone sends a postcard they’re supposed to send it while traveling from the place they’re visiting.   Now that I am typing this, maybe it isn’t a postcard. I don’t know.  I suppose it is meant to go on my fridge but I really don’t even get the point of the quote on it so I threw it away.

The Elizabeth Arden Bag – I may use it for the beach or something, not sure.  I have never been a fan of the free make up bags from make up counters. I am assuming Estee Lauder had lots of free bags left over.  However, for someone who loves bags then this is great.

The wrinkle cream – I have never heard of this brand but anything for my wrinkles makes me happy

The eyeshadow – loved it !  I like that the color is neutral and it is a name brand product.

I think the box was pretty good.  I will keep it.  I like the fact that they bill you mid month but send out the new box on the first of that month.  This way, I am not checking the mail every single day until the 29th.

Yes, I need a life 🙂

October 2015 Tom Box / Period Box —