I love subscription boxes.  Mostly because I love mail and I love to try new stuff.  However, my addiction became quite expensive.  I decided since I am more of a “sporty” type of girl, I should try out a “Lifestyle Box” instead of the “Beauty Boxes” .  I cancelled my subscriptions to Ipsy, Burchbox, Glossy Box (my favorite) and some other one I can’t remember now.

I decided to give Peaches and Petals a try.  They’re a newer box and they’re only $15!  What can I lose right?

When I would get my sample boxes in, I would get on Facebook making some video of what I got.  Some of my friends have been bugging me to post another video so I did one for Peaches and Petals.  I know I have quite a bit of sarcasm and smart remarks in it but I really like the box I promise.  I just try not to take life so seriously.