Home Cooked by Anya Fernald  caught my eye because everything is made from scratch.  I enjoy making everything homemade even though it is more time consuming.


When I got the cookbook, I was very excited.  Unfortunately, most of the stuff I will never make.  She wasn’t lying when she said everything is homemade from scratch!  There are a few things that I will probably try like Biscuits, Aioli, and a few egg recipes.  Other than that, it is all stuff I have never heard of or things that are difficult to get.

For instance, what in the heck is Maltagliati?  Well, I just googled it and it is some sort of noodle.  It has homemade sausage recipes and lots of canned items.  However, if you don’t have the equipment to make sausage it isn’t worth it.

I thought by the description it would be like having some of my grandma’s recipes.  That is definitely not the case.  I am sure it is great for some people but honestly , it took me three weeks to even want to pick the book up long enough to write this review so I could order my next one.


I received this book in return for my honest review from blogging for books.