I am all for cooking healthier and try to for the most part.  Of course, my “healthy eating” consists of only allowing myself one tortilla with my order of fajitas vs. all four.  Perhaps that is why no matter how much I work out I have never had “abs”.

The recipes in this book are very interesting and I do have every intention of trying a few of them.  However, a lot of it is hard to find ingredients.  Sarah Wilson ‘s cookbook, I quit Sugar, has a lot of great information though.   I do not see myself following it to a tee but I could see myself trying it out for certain items or using the facts.  I live in a suburbia area so therefore, a Whole Foods is not very close for me to locate all the ingredients.  I do have a sprouts and tried to locate some of the different oats in the bin area the other day and they were not available.

When viewing her blog, I see that she has several other cookbooks that may be of more interest.  She has an Ultimate Chocolate Cookbook!!!  A Sugar Free Chocolate Cookbook??!!  Yes, I definitely want to try that one out.

Here are a few of her recipes online   if you would like to try a few out before purchasing the cookbook. I was lucky enough to receive this book in return for my honest opinion from blogging for books .