but there was a naked lady dancing on an 18 wheeler in traffic.

Yes, there is that excuse that people in Houston can use if they were late to work on this past Monday, March 7, 2016.

I was actually at the doctor with Jordan when I first heard the “news”.  I was scrolling through the news feed and saw this article come across my feed.  I actually didn’t even read the article much less open it at first. I just immediately thought it would be humorous to share and say “Sorry if I made you late for work this morning.  I just felt the need to dance”.

In reality, I was just wanting to save the article for later so that I can read the comments people write.  People get in these crazy arguments on these public forums with total strangers.  It is quite entertaining how THOSE people have nothing to do.

Please ignore the fact that I plan on reading these posts at 3:00 AM when I cannot sleep.  It’s my past time when everyone else is asleep and I am bored.  I love to read them and think how much better of a person I am because I am not engaging in there democracy.  🙂  Oh, and to steal memes from people who are only there for entertainment as well. 

Surprisingly, there were not that many mean comments about the Crazy Dancing Lady.  Yes there were your few fat comments and of course the drug questions floating around but for the most part, people were actually sympathetic for her.  There were people saying how this is someone’s mother, sister, daughter, etc. and everyone making fun of her was rude.

When I read that I honestly felt guilty .  They were right.  Then I asked myself what my friends would do if I did some crazy crap like that……

My Wharton friends would laugh at me the first chance they got.  They would tell me the next time they saw me that they told me I couldn’t dance worth a crap before why in the world would I do it in front of traffic, much less naked.

My Winnie friends would tell me I really need to quit drinking so early in the am.  The adult (meaning my mom’s friends or people I grew up with) Winnie friends would put me on the prayer list at church.

My husband would totally just deny the whole situation and become more of an introvert than he already is.  He is very worried about what others think of him (and he denies that every time I make this comment even though he has still not told anyone in his family that Jordan is pregnant) .

My daughters would be mortified!!!  Jordan would cry and be totally embarrassed.  Avery would slam me all over social media because she is still at the defying teenage stage where I mean nothing to her.

I do honestly feel sorry for this lady.  However, when I have done stupid stuff or embarrassed myself in the past, I know no other way to handle the situation than through making fun of myself.  Laughter has always been the best medicine.

Who knows, maybe she is  going through some serious issues and to take her mind off of it she decided to do something ridiculous to take her mind off of it.  I know when I am having a bad day I will try and make others laugh to make me feel better.  Well, I am looking at it like that.  She wants others to laugh cause I am sorry….  this is funny.

I mean who wakes up in the morning and says I am going to climb an 18 wheeler, strip butt naked and twerk for two hours in traffic?

Or maybe she just has a thing for firemen.


Here are some of the memes of her.  I did the shaving one myself.  I just know I am very proud when I shave.