The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of changes in our house.

1. My daughter announced she is pregnant. In anyone’s world this would be life changing but for me it is Quadruple life changing. Why? Well, she was a virgin one day talking to me about her options for B.C since she has a boyfriend and telling me she had made an appointment to being pregnant a week later. Obviously, she did not wait until her B.C. appointment came around.

I mean, you waited 19 years and 8 months, could you have waited 30 more days or at least worn a condom?

But, whatever! It’s done and a great thing is going to come from this.

2. The boyfriend’s (aka “Baby daddy”) father kicked him out when he found out my daughter was pregnant

3. We had to move him in as well

4. Three days after moving in Dustin lost his job so now he is there full time

5. Did I already mention my daughter is a junior in college and is pregnant???!!!

After I have all that out of the way, I guess it is obvious to anyone who reads this that our life has turned upside down. Not only do we have a baby coming into our lives but I have also inherited a 20 year old boy. I have never had boys before!!!! I have no idea what to do with them. Heck, I barely know what to do with my husband I surely don’t know how to treat a kid living with us !!!!

As we discussed in a our family meeting regarding the living arrangements, there would be crazy times coming into the near future. Some days we will love each other, some days we would  hate each other, etc. The point is the ending result which is this cute little (girl) baby coming into our lives.

Last week was one of those weeks we hated each other. Well, not hated but was very very angry with each other….. After arguing all day on Friday and crying all day on Saturday I decided it was a night to Shake it off.

(Please feel free to job in place and sing the Taylor Swift Song here).

While the guys worked in the yard I started whipping of my favorite  pizza dough recipe .  What brings the family together more than cooking (and drinking) together in the kitchen?

Greg and Dustin got into it more than I thought they would.  They rolled out the pizza and helped me cut up the veggies for the pizza.  We turned on the music and “knocked it all out” together.


Now I will be honest here…  Greg rarely (never) helps in the kitchen so this was a huge shock to me.  We were discreetly letting Dustin know that we would appreciate his help around the house and Greg was demonstrating how we all “knock things out” as a family.  When he didn’t know where the cheese grater was nor the pizza pans, I think Dustin became skeptical that this was all a trick.  At one point Greg tried sneaking off but I quickly found him and made him continue to help.

Several times during the process, I would remind them that I do this every  meal 🙂

Dustin specifically requested to “decorate” all the pizzas.  Go for it!

For the Italian pizza, I did slightly cook the bell peppers and mushrooms before putting them on the pizza.  As soon as we cooked the crust, Dustin covered them with sauce, the cooked veggies, Parmesan cheese, Mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, salami, and pepperoni.

For the taco pizza, I (Dustin)  put some homemade salsa for the sauce, cheddar cheese, conjita cheese, the bell peppers and jalapenos.

While the pizzas were cooking and  the guys were cleaning, I made margaritas.

By the time I bought the stuff to make everything I think I spent about $150 on for three pizzas and four margaritas.  Talk about a cheap night in right?

When I think about it that way, it is almost frustrating.  I mean, anyone who has made pizza dough or anything that needs to be rolled out, knows it is a mess.  Then there is the money and time cleaning, chopping, etc.  But if we had ridden down to the restaurant, had pizza and margaritas we would’ve been done in an hour.  After we came home, we would’ve laid on the couch and watched TV or played on our phones or whatever.  I think after a rough two days, this was the perfect way to bring us all back together and make us remember that we will always put the fun in Dysfunctional.

Both turned out really good.  I remember taking the girls to CiCi’s pizza when they were little and loving their Taco pizza.  I have been craving one so that was the reasoning behind that.  Well, my ground beef was starting to turn brown too. I had to do something with it.

CiCi’s PIzza?  No…..  CiCi’s Castle!