The Hubs and I were riding around trying to figure out what to eat one evening.  Finally, we decided on Thai food.  I got on yelp and found the nearest restaurant near us.  I can’t remember the name of it now but it was a Maw and Paw place off the beaten path in Houston.

We had eaten Thai food many times before but had never had Thai Tea.  The reviews on Yelp were all raving about this particular tea so we had to try it!  For $2.99 you get a huge mug of it.

Unfortunately, there is no refills but after googling the recipe while there, that is probably a good thing:

  1. It was 7:00 pm and I don’t need that much caffeine that late
  2. It has tons of whipped cream!
  3. Has lots of sugar also !

But it is ssssooooo good!!!!!  If you have never tried it, I highly recommend.

For the record, I do not like Chai tea. This tastes nothing like that.

When I googled Thai Tea Recipes, they were saying to buy this tea.  Immediately, while at the table, I hit purchase.

There are lots of recipes but from what I read, they’re mostly all the same. You adjust the cream, sugar, and tea ratio to your personal taste.

The tea is loose leaf tea.  This was a huge problem since I don’t know how to make tea from loose tea leaves, much less a large amount.   I finally  just decided to try it out in the coffee pot which worked out great!!!!!  I filled up my coffee bin with the tea leaves and waited on it to fill up.

Some recipes said to make it while its’ hot, some said its’ best the next day, etc.  To me, I like to make it then divide into mason jars and add the sugar so it will dissolve.  When I am wanting the tea, I just open up a jar, add some ice and my cream.

The pictures below are me making it my first time.  I was very upset I didn’t have the fancy layering the restaurant had. I was thinking surely it was the order the drink had to be poured.  Then I saw in one of the recipes that the layering comes from the sugar in the tea. Therefore, you can’t substitute the sugar if you want the layering look.  I tried this method the next time and I had my layers!!!!

My first attempt…. no layers 😦

No matter what if you start out with layers or not, it eventually turns orange no matter what

Here is a recipe along with some interesting facts as to why the tea is orange, different options you can try, etc.