I am always listening to audio books at work.  It helps me try and block the stupidity within my office.  🙂  Today, my boss was gone so I was able to listen to an entire book in one day and get tons of work done!! Yay!


I have always been interested in President Kennedy.  Not that I care about politics but because he was cute.  🙂  Also, because there are so many books about him, more than other presidents anyway. I downloaded Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with John F. Kennedy and its’ Aftermath .

At first, I was kind of bored with hearing about how she was raised but once she got the job at the White House it was very interesting. She got hired making $67 per week her Freshman Summer of college in 1962.

Isn’t that a good salary for an intern back then?

The President didn’t waste anytime. Within the first week, while issuing a tour of the The White House, the president takes   Mimi Beardsley for a detour and shows her his bedroom (Yes, him and Mrs. Kennedy had separate rooms).  While showing her the room, he proceeds to have sex with her!!!!  She was a virgin!!!  I am not saying it was rape.  She explains how at that age how influenced you are.

I mean, this is the President of the United States. What would you do?

Over the next 18 months, they had a secret affair.  Through his assistant, Dave Powers, they would meet up, go for afternoon swims, etc.  When traveling, she would play the “waiting game” in a hotel room.  When he had time away he would have Dave let her know where to go for their hook ups.

I couldn’t imagine being in her shoes.  I had a few uncomfortable situations growing up with “powerful” men.  I was young though. At 19, I am sure even though she was innocent, she still had to be star struck as well.  No it wasn’t right but he should have been more ashamed by using his power to control these women he was having affairs.

They were still seeing each other the day of the shooting. They had actually had plans to meet up after.  While everyone was in shock, she was grieving but couldn’t tell anyone.  At her age, I am sure she was in love.  She explains for years that the media was always sniffing around trying to figure out who all the women were that he had affairs with.  That is her reasoning for writing the book after all these years.  She wanted to bring it to the surface before the media did. None of her family had known. She kept the secret all those years.