One night last week, I clicked on some link and found this website Blogging for Books .  I wanted to check it out because my book addiction is interfering with my alcohol addiction.  There has been a few times I couldn’t go out for margaritas because I spent too much on Amazon buying cookbooks or buying the “daily deal”.  Really???  They just do that to women to make us have to back out of GNOs.

I was really excited when you could request a book and it is a REAL PHYSICAL BOOK! I have been asked several times to review free books but had to be read through their website on my Kindle.  Yes, I am a huge Kindle fan and read most of my books on an electronic device but I do not like cookbooks on electronic devices. I want to make notes, fold the pages, make lists, etc.

This cookbook is great!  It is broken up into several categories such as Street Foods, Weird Foods, etc.   A lot of the ingredients will need to be bought at an Asian Grocery store.  I happen to love going to the one close to me but it is a Saturday kind of thing I Have to admit.  If you have never been in one, it is an experience.  I live in Houston.  When I go to the Viet Hoa in China Town here it is always an experience.  Well, you can look at it like an experience or you can go in a rush, get upset( cause they shop like they drive), or just enjoy it all.

If my post convinces someone to buy this book and go for an Asian Grocery shopping field trip just go with open eyes.  I love it!  Some weeks I buy all my groceries at the Asian grocery store. Warning:  They do not like white people in their store.  At times, the short older man in the meat market has refused to help me.  Its’ actually quite funny to me so if you’re the type to get upset and take things personally, don’t go.

Now back to the book…..    sorry I am sort of excited about going this weekend can you tell?

Danielle Chang is the author of the book.  In the book, she tells about her family moving to Houston and her trying to fit in by hiding her Asian heritage at first.  I also like how she includes the English version or explanation of the Asian names as well.  The photography is nice as well.  There are a few “out there” recipes like 1,000 year old eggs but for the most part, I would make everyone of these recipes.  I didn’t see any chicken feet listed 🙂

My favorite part about the book is in the back she has Party Menu ideas!  I am a sucker for having friends over for dinner, etc. so when I do It is always themed.  This makes it great and may even make me try something I normally wouldn’t make.  I do know Thai Beef Salad is on the menu for tonight!