Ever since my Wonder Woman Costume I hadn’t been able to come up with a cute costume idea. This year, I wanted The Hubs and I to do the couple thing. Yes, I know its’ cheezy but its’ fun. Plus, he isn’t creative at all and he is more cheap than me (if you can believe that)! I mean, when I was Wonder Woman that year, I told him he could be on his own thing and there would be no theme.

Do you know what he did? He went to Dollar General on the way to the party and bought a plastic cowboy set for a kid. Nobody knew what he was!!!! It was quite embarrassing. He thought it was hilarious but nobody “got it”.

Weeks before Halloween, I will give him some of my ideas. Of course, he comes up with a reason for every one why it won’t work. I decided to head down to Montrose to all the resale shops and see if something stuck out. I walked in one of them and saw the Ghostbuster jump suit for $10!!!!! I remembered seeing this on Pinterest so I grabbed it !

Of course I am not a cute college girl so I had to alter it and make it Collette friendly.  It still isn’t my favorite costume of mine but I think it was cute.  She didn’t have any specific directions so I had to wing it but I think I did okay.  Especially since I didn’t even know how to thread my machine.  Taking it out of the box and figuring it out was the most difficult part 🙂

Here is a summary of how I did it:


I used white satin since I am a girl and because it was cheaper than cotton.  I got three yards since I knew I would probably have a couple of mistakes.

Took the material and wrapped it around my calves leaving about three extra inches knowing the foam would take up some of the width.  Well, that wasn’t enough!!!  I am thinking at least five inches was what I ended up with.

Put the ugly sides together and sewed three sides then turned it inside out where the shiny side would be out

Sewed four lines along the width leaving an inch at each end.

Stuffed each “tube” then sewed the ends shut.  The first leg I did on the sewing machine but it was a pain in the butt with such little material and being so puffy making sure the fraying ends were inside when sewing so I ended up doing all the rest by hand. It probably took less time quite honestly.

Sewed Velcro on each end by hand.  Actually, I bought the little circles and sewed one circle in each section making sure they matched up.


This was actually the hardest part. I won’t give any directions because I honestly don’t remember what I did. I had to go back to the store three times to buy more material. Yes, I know, it should be very easy! I wanted it to be double sided though and was trying to make it look professional. By the time I was done, I was so excited I didn’t realize until the day AFTER Halloween that I forgot the white ribbon.


I was quite proud of myself for this one. I just sewed a piece of ribbon about an inch above the bottom of the bib and slid the red material through and tied a knot. Crazy cause that was the part I was stressed about most on how to do!


I cut the smooth part of a Fanta bottle and covered it with left over blue material using a hot glue gun. The letters are done with stencils and some paint I had sitting around.

For the white part, I got a pretty big piece of scrap material and just put polyfil in the middle of it all. I tied a rubber band at the bottom and it fit perfectly! I had to hot glue it to the blue part but that’s it!

Now I should’ve put more consideration into how to keep the hat on I do have to say! For the most part, it stayed on though but fell off while playing Hungry Hungry Humans!

I think hers did turn out cuter. After I finished the first leg, I had a realization that white pillow cases would’ve done the trick! All I would’ve had to do was sew the lines down and stuff them. Probably would’ve been cheaper too if I had found them at Ross or something! I am definitely going to use this idea for my Rainbow Brite Costume next year! I just have to figure out what The Hubs can be !

All together, our costumes combined were under $50.  I actually want to say $40 but I may be lying since I had to make three trips for the blue material.

There were a lot of Ghosts out!

Every Picture I have of him he is on his phone LOL!