One weekend morning, I woke up and checked my Facebook page and saw my friend was in England having Fish and Chips.  I was very upset by this since the closest place for me to get Fish and Chips is The Red Lion Pub in Houston. By the time I would get dressed and head that way a few hours would already go by.  Plus, at $22.00 per plate, it would take some convincing to the Hubs.

I remembered I had some fish in the fridge so I started googling recipes.  Of course my man Alton Brown is always my first choice.  Here is his recipe.  As always, he never disappoints.

Of course, I had to cut up an onion and try that out also. I used the same batter I used for the fish.  I swear I will never pay $22.00 per plate again.  Besides double frying the fries, everything was pretty quick.

I was so proud when the first batch turned out like it should!


Don’t forget the Malt Vinegar!!!


Now isn’t this a healthy breakfast!  I don’t know why I can’t lose weight!