I haven’t jumped on the crazy Cauliflower craze full heartedly but I have tried a few things.

My favorite thing I have tried has been the Cauliflower biscuits.  Those were great.  I don’t have any pictures of them but I do recommend them.  It isn’t like you can pour some gravy on them and you’ll never know but you could make a breakfast sandwich with them easily and have a healthy on the go breakfast.

Another thing I have tried is the cauliflower tortillas .  Surprisingly, they were pretty good.

I tried both of the above recipes before watching Chef Buck’s video .  Before, I just strained the cauliflower with a bunch of paper towels which was extremely messy.  I followed his recipe in the video and the pizzas came out great.  Now the people saying you can’t tell a difference…………  they’re lying!!!!  You can tell a difference !!!  If you’re craving pizza though and you are watching your carbs this is a great alternative though. It really isn’t bad at all.  I have made it several times since then and we enjoy it each time.  I did try another recipe since using the tea towel draining method and this technique worked better for me for the pizza.  It does take some patience but its’ still quicker than making real homemade dough.