My daughter works for Gringos in the To-Gos. This has been one reason for my weight gain I swear! I wake up on Saturday mornings to at least two Gringos meals she has brought home! 

Speaking of …. It is Saturday morning! I need to go look for some goodies. 
Last weekend, she brought home a fajita dinner with ribs, sausage and shrimp.  She said the chef made her bring it home. Customers call in orders and never go to pick them up. So all the “no shows” get split up. 

  LOL! $25 dollar gringos fajita meal now $50 for this plate !!! 

I didn’t do that on purpose I promise. Once I saw it, I thought it was humorous. I can’t tell you how many fancy restaurants I have left starving ! 

The other plate she brought home is flautas but in flour tortillas vs corn. Well, flautas are nasty heated up but I didn’t want to throw the meat away. I hate being so wasteful! 

I was making stuffed dates for dinner that night and remembered that chicken so I got me some jalapeños and stuffed them with the chicken from the flautas, cheese and wrapped in bacon. 

I don’t have an after picture. It wasn’t anything special…. Just me recycling 🙂 Jordan walked in while I was doing this and proceeded to make fun of how cheap I am.  


She may have a point 🙂