My oldest is the biggest sweetheart. Most of the time her thoughts are more focused on her friends as with any teenager but yesterday she stole my heart (once again) . 

She works at Gringos in the To-Gos. Any orders that are placed and never picked up are disbursed between the To-Go girls at the end of the night. Friday, I asked Jordan to bring me home a piece of Tres Leches after work. She forgot of course but I took it as a sign from God that I didn’t need a piece of cake meant to be shared. 

And God himself knows sharing was not in my plans ….

Yesterday, Jordans grandmother was found unresponsive. I says it like that because it was my ex husbands mother. Jordan was very upset and even called in sick to work. She met her dad and Avery at the hospital. She had been very upset hearing the news on her Nanny. 

When she came home, she walked in with a to-go container. I figured they had gone out to dinner but no….. It was my Tres Leches . I am sure she had gone to Gringos after to hang with her friends and thought she would be nice. I am not blind and think she went by just for me. But either way I don’t care!

Here her grandma was in the hospital not knowing if she will even make it but Jordan thinks of me and brings me my favorite dessert (from Gringos). 

I doubt my mothering skills and lots of things I have done with my girls but moments like these is when I exhale and tell myself I did do a few things right!