The hubs has been on the verge of a lay off for several months. When cutting the “extras” our gym membership came up. He said no way. It is t that we use it a lot. I think he has twice in. Year. For some reason he refused though. 
So I called Direct TV and lowered our cable to the lowest possible package. I got it down to $36 dollars but our Equipment rental for two rooms was $48 . It was still about $100 and it was the lowest package. So one day I decided to go for it….. I cancelled cable!!!! 
Honestly, it hadn’t been so bad. With Netflix and Hulu , we have just picked up new shows. Jordan even grasped it and watched all ten seasons of Greys . Yesterday she text me to remind me season premiere is tonight. Oh crap!!!!! 
I hurried and came home and mowed the yard and planned on watching Greys I our fancy antenna. 


Okay so my fancy mower didn’t work out too well but I did what I could while the Hubs did the front yard. Then I finished the backyard while he watered the plants. 
Awesome! It’s 6:30pm, yard is done and so is my workout. Now time to shower and watch Greys. Thank God I decided to check if Channel 13 was working before showering. No matter what we did it wouldn’t come through. 
So….. Here I am eating my own words. When everyone complained about me cancelling cable, I explained if a show was coming on, we could just go watch at the gym while working out. Before tonight, no show has been important enough for me to do so. 


It does fee good though…. I don’t think I have ever burned 400 plus calories while working out. I do admit, I am taking the last 30 min “easy” on the bike but I did now the yard and 45 min on the elliptical. I have to enjoy it a little right ? 
BTW Jacksons being a butt !