My friends had a couple’s Halloween party a couple of years ago. The Hubs isn’t into dressing up much and I never could get him to join in. That year, I told him he had to go. And, He likes the friends we were going to hang out with. Not that he doesn’t like the others but he really likes these. Of course, it was a Thursday that he told me he would join in on the fun. Yay!!! I get to do a “couple’s theme”.

I googled Couple’s costumes and saw numerous things but they all seemed uncomfortable. My main concern is comfort and not having to worry about body parts falling out!

I saw several John and Lorena Bobbitt costumes and ran it by him. His first response was no of course until I told him I could do it under $25 for both of us!!! So, he was in!!!

BTW, if you live under a rock (like I do) and somehow don’t know about John and Lorena, here is there story.

And… if you secretly have always wanted to be a surgical nurse and love “details”, here are some very graphic pictures

Don’t say I didn’t warn you! LOL!!!

Okay, back to the costume….

Here we are: You can tell by looking it was very cheap.

I picked up some fake blood and a fake knife at The Halloween Store.

Is the proper word faux? I know fancy stuff is faux but is normal stuff fake? I need to look that up. Sorry if I look ignorant but I don’t recall ever seeing faux written on anything fake I have bought. HHHHHMMMMMM….


The Hubs didn’t have any pajama bottoms so I had to buy those. I went to Walmart and got them for under $10 cause I didn’t know if he would ever wear them again even if the blood washed out.

I came home and poured the blood all over the crotch of his pajamas very heavily along with a few handprints, etc. I smeared the blood on my stuff lightly and let it sit outside to dry.

BTW, I did all this Saturday morning too.

For my clothes, I wasn’t sure if the blood really washed out so I used old pajama pants and just a cheap tank I already had. The Hubs shirt was an old work out shirt as well.

As far as the “penis” that’s obvious…. I just cut a piece of sausage and put in a plastic bag with the rest of the fake blood. He did request that his sausage be quite large if he is having to lose his manhood though…

Sometimes he does have a sense of humor 🙂

I didn’t want to carry the Ziploc bag around all night though. If you just see some bloody girl walking around, people are going to wonder who you are. So, I punched holes in the top of my bag and he put a small twine rope through the holes and made me a “purse”.

That’s all it took. I am thinking it may not have even been $25. Most men already have pajama pants so you may not even have to buy those. For me, they really don’t count cause I washed all our clothing and it all came out the first wash. Believe me, all four of us wear those pajama pants.

  No we weren’t drinking his blood…