I consider myself to pretty computer savvy. Maybe not a genius but I can figure things out if need be. However, this learning how to insert printable recipe cards is a real bitch!!! I have been trying to figure this crap out and it just isn’t working.

First, I google “how to insert printable recipes in wordpress”. Can’t get much easier than that right? Of course there is a program to do just that. Apparently, you download it and its’ easy as 123. Thats’ what it says in the heading anyways. So, I download this app and now I can’t find the damn thing in my Windows apps. I have no clue where it went or what it is called! It is Yum yum whatever? Is it Recipe cards? Hell, I have no clue!!!

I am fixing to slit my wrist by this point!

Then of course the dang employees here keep coming up and asking me crap about work! Don’t they see that I am busy??!!??!!!

So, I decide to google it once again. I find this lady and I like how simplistic she made it all seem. So, I go into my excel spreadsheet and save my recipe as a .pdf like she said. I got into media and look for it and what happens???


I finally found a format of recipe cards that I made up that works for me! I am so happy and I can’t upload it on here to make the step by steps of recipes “ADHD friendly”.

See what I get for being creative? Now it is 16 minutes before I got off and I didn’t get anything accomplished today. Yes, I did work wise but I worked my butt off this AM and got all my crap done so I could figure this crap out. Yes, I could go home and do it but who wants to do that? I am at the computer all day at work. I haven’t even turned my laptop on at the house.

Now the decision for me today is:

Do I go home and cook the meal that I bought groceries for during my lunch? And, may I add the recipe that I made a fancy damn card for to upload on here?


Go for a jog in this hot dang weather and then go home and rush to cook supper?


Go drink wine?

oh wait! I may have gotten it.  LOL!!!  I have no idea what it will look like but I am just gonna go for it. It is 4:56 so I am gonna just paste and continue tomorrow.  🙂


yay!! it worked.  I accidentally did both but whatever. it worked.  Now hopefully I will remember what I did tomorrow.