I have always enjoyed reading but with me being so ADHD, I tend to fall asleep the minute I am still for 5 minutes and only make it through one or two pages.  Then there is reading in the car which also puts me to sleep. I probably have over 300 books in my “game room” waiting to be read or I have read but of course refuse to let go of them.

In the mornings, I am not ready to Jam quite yet. I like to ride down the peaceful roads and see everyone’s plants and how their gardens are doing.  Its my “me ” time.  But, listening to the radio host talk about her ” no no hair thing” she has everyday ten times a day makes me want to choke someone.  By the time I get to work, I am so tired of them TRYING not to sound like commercials that I am ready to kill someone.

I promise there is a point………

My friend told me about audible.com.  I love it!!!  I have listened to several series already but it actually became quite expensive so my latest thrill is   Amazon Unlimited .  It is ten dollars a month but you can have books for free.  Now, they aren’t by my man Nicholas Sparks, or the latest releases but as far as the audio world, it is making me happy.  To me, audio books on Amazon Unlimited are sort of like Netflix… by the time the series is available, it is all there and you can gorge.  No waiting a year for the next book to come. my current “read” is More Than You Know .  I picked it cause it is summer and the chairs are really cute on the beach.  It is about a mom who raised three daughters on her own as a single mom. The father had died in a car crash.  The girls are going through her stuff and they are learning that mom had another love they had never known about. She kept him secret all those years. I am not even half way through the book yet but I am loving how the daughters are admiring her more rather than maybe judging her as the mom had feared.

I have enjoyed so many books this way and it is neat how some of the narrators really get into character and change their voices.  My favorite narration book was  Water For Elephants .  Even though I couldn’t wait for the book to end,   I also couldn’t wait until the little old man would talk.  It made me want to just squeeze his cheeks!