At this point I have no clue why I am blogging. It is as if I am writing to myself or something and humoring myself as well. Is that how all blogs start? Why do people start blogs anyway? It is like I am talking to all these people but yet there is nobody there. And how the heck do people make money from blogs? And what does buying a blog mean? I am so confused. I do admit, my “blog” came in handy this weekend though…. I was at Kroger and I decided to make Banana Pudding. I got on pinterest  and I had pinned at least ten Vanilla pudding recipes. Well Dangitt!! I really liked that one I had made last time. So, I just googled “Banana Pudding Oh Oh Oh something shiny” and there my recipe came up!

I am famous!!! OMG!!! You can actually google me and I come up!!!

Okay, to the point of this blog … I guess I am talking to myself because I saw I had no views on my “Mom’s under pressure” blog but I need a place to keep the recipes I have made on it for my own use. I cook all my meals on Sunday most of the time but something just aren’t good re-heated. Plus, I love to try new gadgets. Well nw to me………..

My first recipe I tried was Porcupine Balls. I had never heard of these but I had all the ingredients AND the meat was thawed out. I did use Turkey meat instead just because I have 25 extra pounds to fit in my jeans so I am trying to be healthy. Oh, and it is cheaper than Beef of course. I did however, add my Wildtree Spaghetti Seasoning and a little cayenne to it to make it my own of course. It was a hit! Even with Jordan and she is pretty picky. And, they really did look like porcupines I swear. They were really cute!

My second recipe was Chicken and Rice Soup . I used a box and a half of Chicken Broth though. I am a hoarder of food so my freezers are full of meat. I don’t have space for homemade broths. HHHMMMMM, maybe I should buy another freezer….

Note to self: Check Craigslist next for a used freezer

This came out awesome as well! I am very impressed with it. Now, it won’t replace me cooking at all. I know that. I enjoy the smell, the cooking huge pots, etc. But, this will totally be good for quick meals with meat that has been in the fridge for three days and needs to be cooked or if I didn’t cook and want something simple and healthy in the pm.

That Wednesday, I met a friend for Happy hour. I came home and Greg had even made something. Yes!! He never cooks (unless his parents are coming over and I go on strike in the kitchen while they’re there). Now grant it, the sausage was already precooked but he had put some rice in under the sausage. Just a faster rice cooker I am thinking but I of course did not knock it. The juices got in the rice also while cooking so it was very flavorful as well.

I left it on the counter for a week or so…….. I was fixing to write 2 weeks but I don’t think that it has even been that long since Mother’s Day. I know it is under the counter now in my “Toy” cabinet with all my other gadgets now though. My plan was to leave it out and maybe Pops would experiment some more and actually enjoy it from time to time. But no… didn’t happen.

Oh Wait!!! I did make something else with it though………. I kept seeing on Pinterest how you could make ribs in an hour or so. That Thursday, I stopped by HEB from work and picked up some Pork Ribs. I came home and found Baby Back Ribs . They were really good. I was very surprised. Of course, we had had several glasses of wine while they were cooking but I promise, the next day they were still good (despite being hung over and having that nasty taste in your mouth). I didn’t use that brand of spice or that brand of BBQ sauce but I am sure it will taste the same. I will totally make it again that is for sure!

Over all, I am still happy with buying a pressure cooker. Yes, an outfit or some new shoes would be more fun but if you’re like me and can’t sit down then you’re always looking to try new things. I am also hoping for my daughter or Greg to get “inspired” when they see it.

I do have pictures but I only write in my blog / write to myself while at work.  And yes, I have the pictures on my phone but would mean I would have to transfer from my phone which makes it appear I am not working and that is just cccrrrraaazzzzzzyyyyyyy!