Your gynecologist says what?

Every woman dreads going to her Yearly visit no doubt about it.  Once I had children, airing my Hoo Hah to the Gyno has become less intimidating. To me, the dentist is more stressful.  I don’t know why.  I can’t explain it.  I have even voiced my opinion to the whomever is cleaning my teeth.  I think it is because you have to face these people while they’re digging dirt from your mouth.  That is basically what they’re doing.  At the Gyno, you have your hospital dress blocking the view of what instrument he is using or any eye to eye contact.

If you didn’t actually see it happen, it didn’t happen right?

At my last cleaning, I went to a Periodontist rather than my normal dentist.  I had never even heard of a periodontist.  I am working towards getting an implant and had googled Surgical Implant Dentists and it came up.

A periodontist is a dentist who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease, and in the placement of dental implants. Periodontists are also experts in the treatment of oral inflammation.

I think my most enjoyable experience about this entire experience was telling my boss I may take a longer lunch because I was going to the Periodontist.  He didn’t ask a word.  He just said, “Okay, do whatever you need to”.  I quickly realized at that moment that it was as if I was in high school and I had just told the coach I had to go to the bathroom for “girl issues”.

Before moving forward with my implant, they wanted me to get a teeth cleaning.  This was the best and worse experience at a dentist in my life.  I had my teeth cleaned with a regular dentist last year. It was the normal experience.  However, this tech was extremely thorough. I was extremely embarrassed mid way because she pointed out how some of my plaque had been there so long, my gums were receding.  She explained it to me in her sophisticated terms but my version is that after she removed the plaque that had been there for so long, she discovered I had level 4 pockets which basically means my teeth were slightly loose.

“How Embarrassing”!

“Oh, no worries. We see this all the time”!

“Whatever!!!!  I watch Untold Stories of the ER and they tell patients that all the time then run to the Nurse’s station and make fun of them!”

Before leaving, she covered my teeth with veneer and told me to leave it on for the rest of the day.  It felt disgusting.  When I brushed my teeth that night at home, I looked in the mirror and realized without the beautiful plaque I had going on, my teeth were now crooked.  I now have gaps between my teeth and constantly get food stuck between them.  I must’ve been totally disgusting!!!  Unfortunately, I have to face this girl again to complete my treatment.  I don’t know if it is the Tech that did such an awesome job or if it is just a Periodontist office if much more thorough.  My husband says he is going to go there next time for his cleaning.

Bottom line:

When you go for your yearly visit, you know in advance to get your pedicure, scrub thoroughly, landscape and do whatever else you feel is needed.  You’re confident you are clean and fresh.

At the dentist, you can’t see the nasty micro organism and plaque that they see.  You brush your teeth, floss and gargle before going in feeling confident.  Then you come out with special toothpaste for exposed roots since they removed all the plaque and now realize your teeth are really crooked!