This past weekend was disgusting.  If you aren’t from Houston, you may not know we get to use our big coats on the average of 5 days a year.  That is a ccccooolllllddddd year.  For the most part, that is a good thing.  My perfect weather is about 60 degrees.  You can still wear shorts and you can also pull the riding boots out.  Yes, I know riding boots is for “cold weather” but I be damned if I am only going to wear my boots 5 times a year.  I mean, I have 15 pair.  They’re my latest fashion obsession.  As I gain weight every year, my boots are very forgiving and they still fit.  They’re my best friend.

Okay, totally off the subject.

On top of being cold, it also rained all weekend.  Blah!!!!  In the suburbs there is nothing to do inside unless you are going to a movie or going out to eat.  By Friday, my meals for the week were gone and quite honestly, I didn’t want to eat at home.  So, I talked Greg into going out to eat.  We went to our cheap Mexican restaurant where the food is so so and the margaritas are cheap.

Its’ all about priorities

After we ate Greg said, “Lets go to a Pearland Bar “.

Wwwwhhhhhaaattttt?????  Pops wants to go out???? 

Last time we went to a Pearland bar we got stared at.  I felt like a tourist in my own town.  We only stayed about ten minutes.  So, I was pretty nervous.  He said there was this house bar down the road from the Dojo so we headed that way.  There were no lights outside.  It was pretty scary. I told him he was going in first.  However, the minute we walked in side, I fell in love. I felt like I was back home in Winnie.  Our eyes were burning from smoke smell the minute we walked on the patio, there were pool tables, etc.  Oh yea…………..  this is my kind of place.

Of course, you could tell everyone knew everyone so I was pretty nervous if they would be friendly to newcomers.  There was an open seat at the bar and I asked the bartender if it was open.  She said, “No Lisa is sitting there”.  So, we wondered off to this table by the dart boards.  There was an older man, his wife, a young couple and an older lady playing darts.  The man would come talk to us occasionally.  After about an hour, the older woman came to “quiz” us.

“Whats’ your name precious?”


What kind of hell’s name is that?

LOL!  I know..  some people call me C though cause it is hard to pronounce.

I don’t like C either. You don’t look like a C.  Next time you come I will have a name for you. I am Momma Patti.

Laughing at her seriousness, Well, nice to meet you Momma Patti. This is Greg

Oh, now you look like a Greg. We will keep your name. This one here…. yea, something has to be done about that

She ended up hanging with us for a couple of hours.  We learned she had already been to prison.  Her son and daughter N law were the young couple playing darts by us.  Her husband died years ago. She works at Dow Chemical plant.  She loved to party.  Needless to say, she kept us entertained.  The other people she was with would come over occasionally and visit with us.  At one point, a dog came in.  It was like he was a human coming in for his Miller Lite.  Everyone said hello. He went to everyone and let them give him a pet.  Then he plopped down and just chilled the rest of the night.  I asked about him and they told me he lived down the road and did belong to someone.  He just goes there every night and hangs out for awhile then leaves.  It was totally adorable.  Makes you wonder about re-incarnation and what he was in his prior life.  I am not saying I believe in that. I am just saying it makes you wonder.

Around 9:00 this “biker gang” came in. One of them brought a jar of Apple Moonshine for Momma Patti and she paid him $20.  I asked him how long he had been doing it since I fiddle around with moonshine as well.  He said it was only his 3rd batch and he had been playing around with the recipe.  I asked if he got his recipe from Pinterest.  He blushed and turned around guilty like.  We had to laugh.  This big tough biker dude gets on Pinterest and searches recipes.

We finally left around 10:00.  We had bought some tamales from some lady who had came in and were getting hungry.  Plus, Jordan was bothering us to go home.  We told our new friends bye and they said to please come back.  We have been in Pearland for 7 years now.  We have been places but never sat and talked with anyone, much less learn their names.  For the first time, I can say I had a good time and can’t wait to take a friend and go back.  Pearland is so full of “wannabes” as I like to call them.  They act like they’re better than everyone and are constantly aiming for this perfect status.  It isn’t my thing. Grant it, I have met some people who I have became to call my friends.  We just prefer to hang out at someone’s house rather than go out though because it is all chain restaurants or yuppie filled bars.  Finally, I found a place we could go to, cut a rug (not that Greg would dance with me though), play some pool, and don’t have to worry if I am in the latest and greatest fashion ensemble.

Saturday, I woke up around 11:00a.m. and saw Greg wasn’t in bed. Now, I have tried telling him the rules over and over how if you are the first to wake up, you start breakfast. Or heck, at least make coffee.  Of course, he still has not grasped this concept.  When I asked him what he made for breakfast, he responded, “there is nothing here”.

One day he will learn those are fighting words

So, to prove a point, I got up and made a huge breakfast. I made bacon, gravy, hash brown, re-heated some biscuits I made the other day, and cut up an avocado.  Needless to say, we were stuffed til supper that night.

You know, now that I am typing this, perhaps that is his plan.  This happens quite often. Everytime he says there is nothing to eat I go in the kitchen and whip up the largest meal of all meals to prove a point that if he moves things around or burns a calorie cooking, there is plenty of food. 

The rain was still pouring so I got prepared and made a vow to myself I was going to be lazy.  Yes, it was hard but I made myself.  I finished season 2 of Chicago Fire and watched 2 episodes of Season 3.  Gosh, that Kelly is HOT!  Finally, I got up and took a shower around 4:00 pm to buy groceries.  Yes, in the rain!!!!  Ugh!!!!!  But, I was craving Chili so I had to go get the stuff.  I finished that around 7:00 and we watched a movie and played Trivia Crack and Word Crack the rest of the night.  Woo Hoo!

Sunday, I woke up around 8:00 a.m. I tired my best to go back to sleep.  In my head I am thinking the earlier I wake up , the more time I have for boredom.  Remembering I still had more Chicago Fire to catch up on, I hurried to get up and beat Greg to the TV.  Out of pure rebellion, I did not cook breakfast.  Although I did make coffee.  I ate four pieces of the cookie cake ( Yes four) Jordan had brought home from the party the night before.  After watching three episodes, Greg came downstairs and said he was going to buy gray paint to paint Avery’s room.  So, I jumped up to take a shower so I could tag along aka supervise his paint selection.

OMG!!!!  We get to  leave the house!!!!  And, maybe I can sneak me some sand paper or something in there to get started on one of the many furniture projects I pinned on Pinterest this weekend. 

When we get home, I helped him clean the walls and take everything out of the room.  I decided helping him was not the smartest thing to do.  We kill each other when we work together.  So, I figured I would clean since he was doing something productive.

Dang Over Achiever!!!! 

I went to the store and got me some stuff and hooked up my Audible book to my Bluetooth headphones and went to town.  I don’t know if I was really into the book or what but I busted tail and got it all done in like 2 hours. I even re-organized my make up!  If you like listening to audio books, I highly suggest this method.  It was my first time and I enjoyed it.  I was listening to “On the Line”.  It is a series about Firefighters with some mature adult content 🙂

I finished cleaning around 5:00 and decided to start supper.  I made Tamale Casserole. Then Greg comes in saying all the Chili I made is gone from last night.  Holy Crap!!!!  Well, at least he liked something I made.  So, I whipped up another batch.  It only takes 30 minutes and I was in the kitchen anyways.  Once I started both dishes, I opened the fridge and saw my Homemade chicken pot pie sitting there.  I had totally forgotten about it .  I had made it Saturday evening while I was making the other batch of Chili.  Oh well.  we definitely have enough food to last the week.

Now to start my furniture project.

I have a side table that has been in Avery’s room.  I decided since we are painting the room gray, this piece of furniture would be the perfect first “victim” for my red distressed piece I want to try. If it turns out good, I am going to do my china cabinet red.  So, I go outside and sand it down. Of course, it is still raining and my garage ifs full of plants so I gather about ten pieces of newspaper (wet of course) and set a couple of the table legs on .  I had some red primer.  Well, then comes safety chief saying I can’t do that cause I am going to over spray, etc.  Who cares??? It is the back porch and I had ten pieces o  Paper.  He carried on and on repeating himself and pointing out every safety dilemma that could possible happen.  I finally told him not to worry. I would do it when he wasn’t around but I would go in the kitchen and cook and clean like I am supposed to do .  Ten minutes later, He told me he had me some paper laid out so he was sure I wouldn’t over spray on the concrete.  I told him I was already busy cleaning and cooking more.  He asked me my plan and I told him that all I was able to do up to this point was sand and paint four layers of the paint / primer since I did not have the glaze yet.  Needless to say, he went outside every 30 minutes and sprayed them down while I finished supper.

Hahahaha…. my plan worked

Finally, it quit raining around 10:00 pm.  Jordan had came home from work so we all sat in the living room eating either homemade chicken pot pie, chili, or tamale pie.  Aren’t those all rainy day yummy foods?  Then  we all sat around playing Trivia crack on our phones with each other while watching the Golden Globes.  I like to call that Quality Family time.


The point of my blog today is that even though we didn’t do anything it was actually a half way fun weekend.  This am while I was washing my hair I was bummed we didn’t have some exciting weekend.  But, once I got to thinking about it, we had a nice, productive weekend.  We went out to dinner, went to a bar and had some drinks, made three meals for the week, cleaned the house very well, painted Avery’s old room, started my first furniture re-do, had family game night ( Yes, all of us playing games against each on the couch is family game night).

But my ah ha moment was when I crawled in to bed last night and remembered I had washed the sheets while cleaning the house and was able to crawl into my Downy smelling  bed.  Its the little things that matter.  When you think about the positive, you will realize how positive your life really is.