This past Friday I went grocery shopping and had the following meals in mind to cook for the week…


Fried fish, Mac and Cheese, and Homemade Fries

Tamale Pie

Sausage and Potatoes

Chicken and Dumplings

I did get the Fried Fish meal done.  My daughter was coming for a visit and that was her request.  So, of course because I was obligated, all of that got done.  I even made a homemade cheesecake as well. After standing in the kitchen for five hours straight I was done.  The rest would have to wait.

Sunday, I had plans to go visit my dearest friend, Pappa.  He isn’t my Pappa by blood but I do think it is safe to say he is my best friend.  He knows everything about me and I am confident he still loves me dearly.  He gives me advice and doesn’t judge me nor anyone in the situation who I may be having differences with.  Unfortunately, he cancelled on me. I was ready with his Christmas gift in hand and ready for our road trip.  Thank God I called to make sure he was awake before I drove the hour to Boling, TX.  He id he wasn’t feeling up to company and for me to just go home.  Some people may find his harshness rude but that is how we talk to one another.  We respect it.  Plus, he is 93 years old.  I mean I think he has an excuse.

I should’ve turned around and went home to clean the house or at least to wrap all the Christmas presents that are covering the floor in the formal living room. But, that isn’t me.  Nope!  I had to find something else to do.  I considered many things..  going to store and getting stuff for Crawfish Etoufeee, going to see a chick flick alone, and going home to clean.  Then I saw the new nail place was open. It is called the Texas Nail Bar.  So, I had to check it out.  I mean, Santa does want me to have pretty toes for Christmas right?  So, I decided to go get my toes done and then stop by HEB and get stuff to make Pozole.  I was having an overwhelming craving for Mexican food.  We went way over our budget for Christmas so to catch up, we are not going out to eat.  It has been 8 days.  Anyone who knows us knows that is a big deal for us (third world problems).

While I was getting my nails done, I found the recipe below.  It sounded easy enough.  Then, once in HEB, I saw the second one I have posted below.  I was thinking hers may be more authentic AND it gave the chance to use Pork and Chicken.  But, when I got to looking at the process of cooking, it didn’t elaborate on how to cook the pork. I need details people!!! No offense of course!

So, as usual, that is when I decided to combine the two and take what I like from both sides.  I liked that hers was obviously more volume but that the one from Food network went into detail as to how to cook the pork. I am putting the two links at the bottom so you can have a choice as to who you want to follow.  Of course, no exact precision is necessary. Just different revisions.


1 – 3.5 pound Pork butt

1 – chicken

3 large cans hominy

12 gloves garlic

kosher salt

cumin – probably about 1/4 cup to cover the pork butt

vegetable oil

2 onions

3 tbsp. Mexican oregano

4 bay leafs

Pepper Paste:

5 Dried Ancho peppers

7 Dried guajillo peppers

1 onion

4 crushed garlic cloves

5 cloves

1 tsp cumin

1 tsp salt

Diced avocado, shredded cabbage, diced onion, quartered limes, and fresh cilantro


Bring your chicken to boil in a large stew pot


While that is boiling, make your paste. I used a lot more than what they said to. Thank God I did also because I ended up making a huge pot and it needed the entire batch. I basically doubled their recipes.


Cut the tops off all your peppers and take the seeds out.  Cover with water and bring to boil, about 30 to 45 min.  I added all the other spices the last 15 min. and let them all simmer as well.  Quite frankly, I was tired of waiting and wanted to clean off my island.  As I am writing this though I did realize I forgot two things. I forgot the veggie oil and probably more importantly, I forgot to strain after I blended the puree.  I don’t think this affects the taste but it does help avoid pieces of pepper getting stuck in your teeth.

While your peppers are brewing and your chicken is boiling, take this opportunity to cut all your garlic and onion.



OH! Don’t forget to add quite a bit of salt to your chicken and its’ broth while it is boiling

Take your butt pork and cover with salt and cumin – now you will see why I didn’t put a measurement.  Make sure to cover it entirely.


Once you have everything chopped, I would take this time to clean your kitchen because you’re basically home free!  It is all up to the stove from here on… almost !

Heat another pot and put your veggie oil along with your onions.  Then add about five or six more cloves of garlic.  After these are done, take out so you can brown your pork.


Oh yea. I forgot…. I did put some celery in their as well.  I had it left over and was cleaning out the fridge while cooking this so I threw my bag in there as well. Probably two stalks if you wanna be just like me (don’t worry. Everyone does Hahaha )

Brown your pork butt on all sides, about four min. per side. Mine had quite a bit of fat on it so I had to cut it down quite a bit.


When I got to this point, I was kind of at a halt cause my chicken was still not done.  So, I cleaned the kitchen and emptied out the dishwasher.

I took my chicken out of the water to start cooling.  Then, I got my huge Magnalite roasting pan and put on the stove.

 Did I just Name call???  Yes, I did! Well, it is my prized possession in my kitchen I have to admit. I have had LeCreuset before as well and I prefer Magnalite any day! Plus, this was the last thing my momma ever gave me. I will cherish it forever!

I poured the chicken broth into the pan and added half of the

blended paste and stirred.


Then once the pork cooked down some, I cut it into four pieces and put in the pot as well and covered to boil for about an hour.

Once the chicken was cool, I added the chicken as well then tasted the mixture for spices needed or more pepper paste.  It was almost perfect but I added more pepper paste and four bay leaves. Then I covered it and left.  After two hours, I tasted it again and decided what the hell…. throw all the pepper paste in their.  So, I did and added half a thing of cilantro and my Mexican oregano.  I closed the lid and let it simmer another hour.  Right before, I asked Greg if he would shred the pork pieces so we could eat.  He wasn’t impressed with helping but oh well.


Once he did that, I put some raw tortillas I had gotten on a skillet and browned each of us two of them.

I also had avocado, quartered limes, and more cilantro to top it with.  Yes I like it with the cabbage but nobody else does and quite frankly I was ready to chill with the rest of the family by this point. Why dirty the cabinet or another knife?

This is awesome Hangover food too!  Not that I ever have one or ever will 🙂

Here are the links to the recipes I went by:


I liked the version from Food Network because it used Pork.  I have only had Pozole one time and it only had Pork in it.,d.aWw