When you live in Texas, there are lots of things to do on weekends but between August and February the most important thing is football.  To me, this is nothing but an excuse to throw a party. I have no clue about rules and Wot Knot but I do get very interested in people watching at the games.  I love watching the crazies in the stands yelling and screaming over a dang ball.  The big schools here are A&M and UT.  I have always heard the stories and have known alumni there who still go crazy and travel constantly for these games but have never had the opportunity to go to a game.  Last I looked, tickets are approximately $100 a piece.  Well, I can go to Walmart and People watch for free.

The week of my 41st Bday,  my friend called and asked if I wanted to go with them to an Aggie game.  Well, of course I was extremely excited. I was finally getting to go!  Imediately after, I had to go plan my outfit. I got on the weather app on my phone and just my luck…………..  RAIN!!!!!  I was thinking of backing out.  Who wants to sit in the rain for four hours watching a sport you don’t even understand. Besides, with all the rain, nobody will probably even go and then I won’t be able to people watch.  Then, my other personality reminded me of how I had just turned 41 and that was the first time I had even been invited to an Aggie game.  It was then I realized at this rate, I would be 82 the next time I got an invite.  So, I grabbed four hoodies, wore thermals under my jeans and

headed to Needville to meet my friend.  Woo Hoo Aggie game here I come!20141115_160607

When we finally got to the game we had to park at the mall. They had shuttles driving everyone to the stadium.  We had to park quite a ways off but hey, we need a work out right???  It was already drizzing but we didn’t have to worry about our sexy ponchos just yet. The shuttle dropped us off and we herded out towards the stadium trying our best to hold out a little longer before getting out the ponchos.  Finally, my friends pulled off to the side and we all put our newly bought accessories.


Once we got to the ticket line, we stood rammed up like cattle once again.  My friend’s husband tried giving us our tickets early in the line but she was very persistent he keep them until the very end.

Was she answering for all of us or did she know that definitely Collette was going to lose hers and she didn’t want to take the chance?  

Approximately 6 feet from where they took our tickets, he handed us our tickets.  Somewhere from that point to where we got to the ticket man, guess who lost theirs?  Yep!!!  That’s me!!!!  Of course I was too embarrassed to say anything.

OMG!  Where am I going to hang out in the rain while they’re watching the game? Did I lose it when I decided to take selfie #25 of Jacey and I in our ponchos or when I took off my third hoodie because I was too hot?  Crap!!!  How do I tell them I already lost them? 

The line is inching closer and closer.

Okay, Collette, time to put your big girl panties on and tell them what an idiot you are……….. 

“Jacey,  Jacey, (Ugh I don’t want Darren to hear) ”

“Excuse me, Miss… Did you drop a ticket by chance? ”

“OMG… You are the bomb. I was going to have to sit in the rain while my friends watched the game!!


Of course, Jacey laughed at me and said she knew one of us would probably lose our ticket.

The game was about to start so we decided to go the stair route.  This is where I totally regret not working out for the past oooohhhhh, month in a half!  Finally, we get to our level.  It was the opening of the game so of course we were those annoying people who stood in front of the people who were there on time.

I am really sorry sir. But I am 41 and this is my first game. Oh BTW, can you take a picture of me and my other “country” friends?


The Opening Ceremony was really awesome!!!!  To be a student here must be an awesome experience!

20141115_190628   20141115_202207

I have videos but don’t know how to upload those quite yet.  I am an immature to this blogging thing if you haven’t figured it out yet.

Who am I kidding?  Hahahaha! Like there was even a second thought in your head.

We get to our seats and Darren notices someone is in our places.  After about 20 min.  they figured out we were on the wrong side.

Oops, sorry once again!

By the time it is raining harder and our toes are frozen.  We kept ourselves amused by watching the student section and of course the drunk guy sitting in front of us. Oh, and there was the guy who had so much to drink prior to the game, he kept passing.  After half time, we decided to leave.  The Aggies weren’t doing so well at this point and the rain wasn’t letting up. Plus, my drunk friend left.


We ended up at Chuy’s to finish watching the game and have a beer in the heat!  Besides, it was my friends’ 40th Bday. We had to celebrate somehow.

Even though it rained and was freezing, I am very glad I went and finally got to be part of the Texas Football sensation.  I now see what the big deal is about attending the games.  I still don’t see the big deal about football but the school pride is what it is all about !