This morning around 4:00 a.m. my 170 pound English Mastiff was running fast.  He was chasing and growling in his sleep.  I get very frustrated when he wakes me up scraping me with all four of his huge paws. But, once I think about what he may be chasing or how much fun he is having I won’t dare wake him up. I mean, doesn’t it suck for us when are having this awesome dream and our alarm goes off?  Or our husband farts so loud it wakes us up?  So, I lay there and move over a bit so that he can have more room to “run” and my legs don’t get scratched up.


My husband is on the opposite side.  He will wake him up and calmly get out of bed and guide Hercules back into his twin bed that he has in our room.  Yes, at times I have thought about just giving up and taking over his bed.  It would be much easier than having to balance my body all night long to stay on the six inches that I do have of the bed all while somehow not allowing my feet to be exposed.  You never know who is under your bed right?  🙂


This a.m., after his dream, I couldn’t go back to sleep. I remembered my husband invited the in-laws over this evening. Yes, on a weeknight!  Really????  So now, I get to come home from work and be nice and entertain!!  Yay!   Just what I want to do!  Oh well.  Just another excuse not to work out I guess 🙂  Anyway, I decided to go ahead and get up.  I figured since it would be a long day I would wake up and go sit on the couch, drink coffee and read my book of the moment.  I mean, Raphael and I have not “hung out” in like three days. I am sure he misses me!  Yes, I am reading the Raphael series by Sylvia Rynard.  I love it better than 50 Shades of Gray I swear.  Once I got showered and dressed, I headed downstairs at 5:15 a.m. for my much needed “me” time.


While my coffee was brewing, I decided to be nice and make Greg and Jordan breakfast sandwiches.  So, I put a center cut ham on the stove while my bagels were toasting. I started my eggs and assembled the sandwiches and wrapped them individually in zip-loc bags.  While the eggs were cooking, I decided to make Greg’s lunch.  If I do not make it, I swear he will not take it.  I had made Paula Deen’s homemade pimento cheese the other day for quick lunches. I absolutely LLLOOVVVEEE pimento cheese with Fritos on the sandwich.  Have you ever had it? OMG!  Takes me back to high school in a second.  Today, I didn’t have Fritos. I try not to keep that stuff around the house but I did have some lays. I think that will be good in the sandwich also!  After I cleaned up my mess from breakfast and making the lunches, I saw the kitchen table looked awful. I had stocked up on fruit the other day so I had all these pineapples and cantaloupe, etc. to cut up. Again, if I do not cut it all up in little pieces for my family, they will rot!!!!  GGGGRRRR!   Plus, with my mother n law coming over who has never had a full time job coming over, the house needs to look perfect since her house is perfect right?  I cut up all the fruit and arranged all the smaller fruits in the bowl and took them out of the bags.  Ha! This never happens.  LOL! I have no clue why but I have an issue with my fruit touching so I Just leave it in the bags from the store.  But, I had to make it look all “fancy” cause her house is always so perfect.  Yes, I worry about what people think about me constantly.  🙂


When I finished the cleaning the table I had to clean the kitchen counters again.  I took all the skins of fruits outside to the garden and came back in to now have my date with my coffee and Raphael!  Yes! I can chill a bit before having to get ready.  The angels are singing in my head and I think I saw rainbows as well.  Wait!!!!! What is that?!?!?  It isn’t a rainbow.  It is the clock on the oven.  What does it say?  Seven o’clock?  What????  I go upstairs to finish getting ready.  Crap!  Thankfully, I am already dressed.  I mean, that is the part of getting ready in the a.m. that takes the longest.  After that it is smooth sailing. I blow dry my hair, put it in a clip, and put a little make up on and I am out the door.  At 7:15, I went downstairs in a rush gathering all my stuff and sprinkled some carpet freshener on the carpet so my house wouldn’t smell like dog for my mom n law.

Finally! I am in my car at 7:18 sharp!  A mile down the road I reach down to grab my coffee.  Where was it?  Oh! I never got it! It is sitting on my Keurig. I am sure my husband was beaming this am. when he came downstairs and here his awesome wife had made him breakfast and even made his Starbucks coffee for him.  Wow!  I am sure I will receive great gratitude when I come home today (do you feel the sarcasm).  Heck, maybe even flowers.